Search comes up dry

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Speeding ticket concludes day’s work

By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

Local authorities became suspicious last week when an Illinois tractor trailer with Texas license plates sped through a Williston school zone on SE 7th Street.
Investigator James Bond from the Williston Police Department said the driver’s log book didn’t match up and reflected he had driven from El Paso, Texas to Miami and was on the way back to Texas.
Drug dogs were called to the scene and alerted right away, Bond said.
At that time DEA and several drug task forces were called in and the truck was moved to B&G Seed on Hwy. 121S so that the truck and trailer could be thoroughly searched.
Law enforcement personnel spent close to seven and one half hours–9-4:30 p.m.– taking everything from the truck and going through its cargo of sweatshirts marked in boxes stamped “Honduras.”
At the end of the day, agents found nothing out of the ordinary on board and the driver was given an speeding ticket that cost him $403.