School lunches

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By The Staff

All meals served with milk.

Monday, December 10

Corn dog, or chicken fingers; French fries / baked beans/ cole slaw; cinnamon roll / mixed fruit.

Tuesday, December 11

Lasagna, or hot ham and cheese sandwich; green peas / salad / corn; chilled mixed fruit / banana; homemade rolls.

Wednesday, December 12

Macaroni and cheese with ham, or popcorn chicken; mixed vegetables / salad; carrot sticks with dip; chilled pears / plum; homemade rolls.

Thursday, December 13

Fried chicken, or hot dog on bun; mashed potatoes with gravy; blackeyed peas / cole slaw; chilled mixed fruit / apple; cornbread.

Friday, December 14

Barbecued beef on bun, or pizza; tater tots / salad / buttered corn; cherry pie / tangerine.