Response to City Hall letter

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By The Staff


As the listing Realtor for the commercial building on North Main Street that is currently being considered by the city for a new City Hall, I felt it necessary to respond to Lindsey Hager's letter from last week. I have also phoned Ms. Hager and provided her this correct information.

Although I would be delighted to be selling a million dollar-plus listing, this building is presently listed for sale for $674,900. When this property originally came on the market it was listed at $815,000. The $1,200,000 is a figure that is not relevant to this property or this proposal. Nor did the former city manager ever make any such offer on behalf of the city.

Other topics in Ms. Hager's letter that would be considered relative to this transaction are very preliminary and have not been discussed at length, much less decided.

This building is ready to occupy and would only need retrofitting with Internet/data and phone services specific to the city's use, if the city decides to move forward. But, as of now, there is no contract pending and the property is still an active listing available for purchase by anyone.

I do not want to speak for the city, therefore, if you would like more information about the city's intentions regarding this proposal, I would encourage you to contact Mark Schiefer, the interim city manager. His office is located at the City Hall. I am only providing factual information regarding my listing. If you would like more information regarding the building, please contact me at the number below.

Within recent months, I have been to many City Council meetings where this item and other important proposals/decisions have been on the agenda. I find the meetings informative, thorough, at times lively, sometimes lengthy, and sadly, poorly attended. All items up for discussion are always treated diligently and with respect. The councilors and city employees bend over backward to make sure that all decisions are legal, fair and in the best interest of the city. I'm sure that the council would be significantly encouraged if more citizens attended and were better informed on the city's business.

Cookie King, Realtor

Smith & Associates, Inc./GMAC