Reader blasts negligent driver

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 To the editor: 

I hope this letter will open some eyes since I have seen this situation happen in this location quite a few times before.

To the truck driver who pulled into traffic on to St Rd 121 from the B & G Peanut and Seed Co. today (4/1/14) at around 8:20 a.m.

Do you not realize the consequences of your actions? 

 Did you even look to see if traffic was coming before you pulled out without even stopping first?   

Do you realize that the speed limit on that road in that area is 60 mph?

Imagine what could have happened if the four vehicles that could have been affected  had not been able to slow down in enough time and yes, I was one of those vehicles.

 I don’t know if you are a “risk taker” or just plain ignorant, but the injuries your stupidity would have caused could have been fatal.

I hope and pray that there never comes a day when a car you pull out in front of can’t stop in time.  You can change your negligent driving, but you can’t give someone’s life back.

Cathy Anderson