Pyper Kub opens

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By Pat Hibbs

There’s a brand new restaurant just outside of town.  The Pyper Kub opened in late December on SW 18th Street just outside the airport gates.

Carol and Dave Bibby have finally realized their dream of having their own restaurant.  Carol has spent many years in the restaurant business and incorporated her experience into the design of the Pyper Kub

Dave retired from his position at the airport to be involved at the restaurant.  He is a well-known figure in the county, having several times run for county commission and city council.

He worked for the city starting in 1997, starting in the Utilities Department and moving to the airport in 2000 to be Joe Ball’s assistant and to work weekends there.  The city staff treated Dave to a retirement party last Friday.

Dave has high praise for Joe Ball, whom he called a great asset to the city. He said the Ball had taught him a great deal about how properly to manage an airport, and said the he considered Ball his mentor.

But the restaurant business called. 

Carol said that she and Dave had taken a brand new building and designed the interior to their liking and for efficiency in delivering good food to the customer.

The result is a bright sunny building decorated, appropriately, with pictures of airplanes, but most notably with large banners depicting the seals of each of the armed services of the United States.

Everything is spotlessly clean and Carol intends that it will remain that way. Staff members were cleaning up after the lunch rush. Customers can see the servers’ station and the kitchen from the restaurant.

There are tables for two and four, set comfortably far enough apart from each other for private conversation.  There’s even a counter with five seats, bringing to mind traditional diners.

For warmer weather, there’s a large deck that spans the side of the building overlooking the airport, so that customers can enjoy the food and watch the airplanes come and go.  No doubt, visitors who fly in will be delighted to find a comfortable restaurant where they can take a break in their trip.

 The restaurant is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and on Friday evening stays open until seven for dinner.

 There’s a traditional breakfast menu (breakfast can be served at any time of the day) with eggs, omelets, pancakes, biscuits and gravy and various side dishes.

 Lunch is sandwiches, hamburgers, fries and onion rings, and, the specialty, chicken wings.  Each day also features two hot-plate specials that will satisfy a wide range of tastes.

 All of the items are priced very reasonably – the hot dog is $2.20 and BLT $3.20. A two-egg breakfast, served with a choice  of grits, hash browns or home fries and toast or a biscuit will set you back $2.99.  

 Dave said that since the restaurant has opened, business has been up and down, some days busy, some days not so.   On that Monday, for instance, they’d had three waves of customers and he’d had to be everything from busboy to waiter to cashier. 

 Customers are already coming from in town, from the businesses at the airport industrial park and, of course, include people flying into the airport.

 Take 121 south and turn left at the airport signs, SW 18th Street. Continue along past Monterey Boats and you’ll see the Pyper Kub’s distinctive sign. It’s well worth the short trip. Call 528-0376 for further information.