Puppy Love

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35 dogs get forever homes on Valentine's Day

By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

By the time the sun set Valentine's Day, 35 Florida canines had traveled over 1,210 miles to their new homes in Reading, Penn. via Williston Municipal Aiport.


Lucky Puppy Rescue volunteer Jessica Quinn drove from Bonifay Tuesday morning with the dogs to put them on an airplane bound for their forever homes.

FlyPups founder and volunteer pilot Matt Kiener loaded the dogs in his plane and by 11:30 was ready to take off to Reading where foster homes are ample and adoptions are already in progress.

"It's just something that needs to be done," Kiener said about his volunteer efforts. "I love to fly and I love dogs."

So much in fact that one of his first canine passengers, Piper, is now a member of his family.

Quinn said the animal propulation in Florida is growing because there are not enough people willing to adopt and there aren't enough restrictions on pets and breeding. That makes the shelters to capacity almost everywhere.

In the northern states, she said, laws are stricter and animals are not plentiful.

Her group, Lucky Puppy, founded by Terri Mattson, networks with other rescues across the United States to find homes for the animals.

Last month 45 dogs were taken north to live out the rest of their lives.

And perhaps one of the best parts, she said, is the 35 who were in Williston Tuesday will not go into another shelter. CatWorks, the rescue in Reading, already lined up foster homes for all the animals and some will be processed for almost immediate adoption.

FlyPups, founded by Kiener, is a group of volunteers dedicated to contributing to making a dog's life a happy life.

It was more than fitting that Tuesday was Valentine's Day and for 35 lucky canines, the love was everywhere.

For more on Fly Pups, visit FlyPups.org.