Profiles for each school's Teacher of the Year

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Levy County schools

By The Staff

Following are brief profiles of the employees of the School Board of Levy County who have been selected as the 2009-2010 Teachers of the Year.

The Teachers of the Year are chosen by their peers at each school. The District honorees are chosen by a panel of the teachers who received the award the previous year.

Those selected have been recognized at their schools, and will also be honored during the third annual “Evening of Excellence” on Thursday, April 23, at Williston Elementary School. This event is sponsored by the Levy County Schools Foundation and the School Board of Levy County.


Williston Elementary

District teacher of the Year

Ana L. Armbrister, our 2009-2010 District Teacher of the Year, teaches fourth grade at Williston Elementary School. She has been teaching in Levy County since August 2004 and was unanimously chosen “Teacher of the Year” by her peers. She cosponsors the WES Safety Patrols and serves as a member of the School Advisory Council and Parent Teacher Organization. She also serves on two State of Florida Department of Education teams: The English Speakers of Other Languages Instructional Materials Committee and the Florida Teacher Certification Examination K-6 Test Development Committee. She consistently plans and teaches lessons to fit the diverse needs of her students and has supervised interns from the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida.


Bronson Elementary

Rhonda Stephenson teaches ESE K-4th grade at Bronson Elementary School. She has been teaching in Levy County since October 2005. Mrs. Stephenson worked extremely hard to get herself and her students up to speed that first year and she hasn’t slowed down yet. She goes the extra mile with not just her own students, but with other students outside of her classroom as well. She sees students who are having issues, academically and behaviorally, and she gets involved with them as a mentor or motivator.


Bronson High

Jennifer Bray teaches eighth grade science and agriculture wheel at Bronson High School. She has been teaching in Levy County since November 2006. She is very involved with FFA at all levels and strives to involve herself in all school-wide initiatives and extracurricular activities. Mrs. Bray is a true “teacher leader” at BMHS. She serves as curriculum coach and is an active member of the school leadership team. She also creates a comfortable and pleasant classroom environment for her students. The learning environment is very information intensive, hands-on, and fosters skills mastery with a focus both on literacy and writing within the content area.


Cedar Key

Janeice Smith has been a teacher at Cedar Key School for the past five years and is currently teaching fifth grade. Janeice maintains a very organized, well-managed classroom where the students are actively engaged in the learning process. She is very knowledgeable of her subject matter and keeps up-to-date with current practices through professional development. She sponsors the Safety Patrol and in the past has sponsored the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She is also the secretary of the School Advisory Council.


Chiefland Elementary

Robin Hardee teaches PE at Chiefland Elementary School. Robin is part of a team that has put together an exemplary PE program that energizes and builds student excitement. She instructs students in specific areas of sport and students are taught sportsmanship, health, and the enjoyment of physical activity through extend programs. These programs include: March of Dimes Jump Rope for the Heart, Run for Fun, football and volleyball tournaments, field day, and softball tournaments.


Chiefland Middle

Mary Phillips teaches seventh grade math at Chiefland Middle School. She has been teaching in Levy County since August 2004. Ms. Phillips conducts herself in a professional manner. She communicates her expectations and policies to parents and students which develops a sense of trust and loyalty among the students and their parents. She is energetic and consistently displays a positive attitude, which is evident in her students’ attitudes in class. She is the SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) advisor presently and also the BETA advisor, 2007-2008.


Chiefland High

Christina Smith has taught business education at Chiefland High since August 1999. Ms. Smith uses her expertise in the field of technology to inspire her students in computers, advanced technology, computing for college and career, accounting, office technology, business systems technology, and digital designs. As technology evolves, Ms. Smith has committed herself to continuing education opportunities as indicated by conferment of her M.A. in Career and Technical Education and her current enrollment in the Ph.D. Career and Workforce Doctoral Program at the University of South Florida.


Summit Academy

Garry Harris teaches students with varying exceptionalities at Summit Academy. He has been teaching in Levy County since August 2005. He is a committed educator who dedicates himself to helping students become better students and people. Mr. Harris has the ability to make complex subject matter understandable for his students and they are often excited about the hands-on science experiments that are conducted in his classroom. He is intentional about building relationships with his students and as a result he has earned the respect and admiration of all of them.


Joyce Bullock Elementary

Susan Bastak teaches kindergarten at Joyce Bullock Elementary. She has been teaching in Levy County for the past 30 years. She started her teaching career at Bronson Elementary and moved to join the staff at Joyce Bullock in 1987. Mrs. Bastak is child focused and wants the best for all of her students. She often keeps in contact with students she has had in the past to follow up with their success. She continually learns about new instructional strategies, techniques, and programs that would enhance learning for her students.


Williston Middle

Marcy Young teaches sixth grade math at Williston Middle School. Mrs. Young is a dedicated educator committed to providing her students with every possible opportunity to experience success in the classroom. In addition to several positive academic and behavioral programming implementations, Mrs. Young was instrumental in creating a School Advisory Committee to give students, parents, and teachers a platform to improve the quality of instruction and educational resources for their school. She has earned a reputation for her outstanding performance in the classroom. She never gives up on a student.


Williston High

Alvin Johnson is the band director and music teacher at Williston High and has worked in Levy County for two years.



Gayle Gatton teaches first grade at Yankeetown School and has worked in Levy County for five years.