Profiles for each school's ESP of the Year

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Levy County schools

By The Staff

Following are brief profiles of the employees of the School Board of Levy County who have been selected as the 2009-2010 Educational Staff Professionals (ESPs) of the Year at each school, and the individual selected from that group to be District ESP of the Year.

The ESPs of the Year are chosen by their peers at each school. The District honorees are chosen by panels of the ESPs who received the award the previous year.

Those selected have been recognized at their schools, and will also be honored during the third annual “Evening of Excellence” on Thursday, April 23, at Williston Elementary School. This event is sponsored by the Levy County Schools Foundation and the School Board of Levy County. Volunteers of the Year will also be recognized during the Evening of Excellence.


Hilltop Alternative

District ESP of the Year

Kathleen Walker is currently the lab manager at Hilltop and has worked in Levy County for eight years. Mrs. Walker is a consummate team player, always willing to take on additional responsibilities in an effort to make her school better. Kathy approaches her duties as a professional, completing a variety of tasks with exemplary quality and service. Mrs. Walker’s Novel lab has received district recognition for its outstanding organization and management.


Bronson Elementary

Deana Scharnagl is a teacher aide at Bronson Elementary and has worked in Levy County for 11 years. The administrators at BES feel they can count on Mrs. Scharnagl for anything from working with a teacher, taking care of paperwork, assisting a student, or covering ISS. She currently assists with ISS and the students respond well to her. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help both students and teachers.


Bronson High

Kim Gonthier is a Food Service worker at Bronson High School and has worked in Levy County for 3 1/2 years. She is an asset to the lunchroom crew with her charming personality, her wonderful baking skills, and her dedication to hard work and being an active part of the team. She always has a positive attitude and a beautiful smile on her face. She greets everyone in the same manner and enjoys laughing and joking with the staff and students.


Cedar Key

Yvonne Rogers is a teacher aide at Cedar Key School and has worked in Levy County for 8 1/2 years. Yvonne is truly an example of an educational staff professional. She believes in her heart that education is one of the most important things a student can obtain. She believes that each and every student can learn, grow and become a productive member of society. Yvonne uses her knowledge of academics, life skills and professionalism to engage students. She is also a proactive member of the staff and is always willing to help out when needed.


Chiefland Elementary

Renee Tindale is the health assistant at Chiefland Elementary and has worked in Levy County for 13 years. Renee runs the health room and the many demands on her time with grace and efficiency, always considering the needs of the children first. She is sympathetic while also applying that motherly wisdom when a child might be using the situation to miss class. She handles chronic visitors that just need reassurances and a nudge back to class and that first time visitor who may be frightened and running a high fever.


Chiefland Middle

Shirley Goins is a Food Service worker at Chiefland Middle as well as a bus driver. She has worked in Levy County for eight years. Mrs. Goins shows care and concern for all students not just by her employment but by her very active involvement with the community. She is actively involved with Chiefland Area Athletic Association. She volunteers several hours as scorekeeper, Fall Festival events, organizing tournaments and schedules. She is also very active in CHS baseball with scorekeeping and concessions. Mrs. Goins is a positive influence for the young people of our community.


Chiefland High

Becky Tyson is the confidential secretary and bookkeeper at Chiefland High. She has worked at CHS for five years and been employed in the district for 22 years. Mrs. Tyson extends herself beyond basic required duties by displaying initiative and creativity. She executes her responsibilities with the utmost competence and a positive attitude. Becky is a wonderful role model for, and a positive influence on, everyone she comes in contact with, including fellow employees, supervisors, parents, students and community members.


Joyce Bullock Elementary

Rebeca Savona is an ESOL aide at Joyce Bullock and has worked in Levy County for two years. Mrs. Savona exemplifies the utmost professionalism and gives more than most for the children, families, and staff at JBE. She is always willing to stay for special events after regular school hours, work with families to help with paperwork and conferencing with teachers, and gives 110 percent to support the students and teachers.


Williston Elementary

Virginia Craig is a teacher aide at Williston Elementary and has worked in Levy County for 22 years. Her responsibilities include morning and afternoon office duty helping students check in and out, answering phones and running copies. She monitors the students during lunch and recess. In the classroom she helps students with reading and math interventions. She is a site coordinator for the school-wide fire drills and has a high quality, positive rapport with faculty and staff performing many other duties aiding in whatever is asked of her. Virginia goes above and beyond the call of duty, not only at school, but in the community as well.


Williston Middle

Harriet James is a Food Service worker at Williston Middle and has worked in Levy County for 11 years. She is a conscientious staff member who works and gets along well with the ladies in the lunchroom. Harriet works hard to make sure the students are served nutritious, healthy and pleasing meals. Harriet attends many of our school functions as a parent and staff member. She makes sure that her children are active in school, and she encourages and supports their efforts.


Williston High

Delia Hillary is a teacher aide at Williston High and has worked in Levy County for four years. Mrs. Hillary is truly a “team player” and has gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions. She does a wonderful job in the classroom assisting with special needs students. She is consistently firm but fair when dealing with her students and the students respect her for this. Delia has helped enrich the lives of students by arranging for several guest speakers to visit WHS.



Andree Robinson is a teacher aide at Yankeetown School and has worked in Levy County for nine years.


District Office

Mac Huber is an air condition mechanic and has worked in Levy County for four years. Mac has shown exemplary dedication to the schools and facilities in Levy County. He is a dedicated employee and has never hesitated to stay after hours if needed or come in when it was not regular working hours. His knowledge and abilities have greatly benefited the students and staff in Levy County Schools.



Lisa Pogue is a bus driver in the Williston area and has worked in Levy County for 27 years.

NOTE: No photos were provided by the School Board.