Preserving the Past

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By Bryan Hoopaugh
Williston is a city full of history and a group of Willistonians are working to share it with the world.
The Williston Historical Museum Exploratory Committee met July 11 for its second time to discuss steps that will bring a museum to fruition.
Included in their discussion were topics such as locating a suitable location, putting in place a board of directors and terms for qualifying criteria for family heirlooms to be displayed.
The committee unanimously voted former Williston resident and current Texas resident Alan Celoria as its chairman.
 After three separate nominations, which were declined by the parties nominated, the committee chose to elect a vice chairman at a later date as all were concerned this position would require more time than they would be able to commit to.
Mary Kline was also unanimously elected secretary of the committee and will oversee the documenting of meetings and other such activities within the committee.
Other topics of discussion were recruiting volunteers to assist with a variety of needs the committee will need filled,  from documenting and recording items to be displayed to attaining non-profit status and helping with renovations on the prospective building.
Items that will be displayed can be donated to the museum or put on display on a loan basis. Tentatively the time line for families to qualify to have items displayed will have to have been established in the Williston area no later than 1940.
While nothing is set in stone, the committee has made steps toward what started as only an idea to bringing this dream to reality.
After the committee meeting, several other Williston residents were invited to be informed of the steps being taken. The committee will meet again in late fall or around the first of the year to continue the efforts.

Current committee members attending the meeting were the Rev. Alan Celoria, Virginia Ann Celoria, Linda Faye Sabis, John and Ethlene Streater, Joe and Mary Mixon, Judy Sanders, Pug and Kellee Whitehurst, Mark Crenshaw, Jo Ann Crenshaw, Elizabeth Crenshaw and Wiley and Mandy Loften.
If anyone has questions or would like more information on how to become a member of the committee or donate items, contact Celoria at 352-207-4238.