Politics as usual

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By The Staff


You could not have commented any better in your news commentary published August 28th. Levy County residents have given up on government leaders in Levy County. Yes, they do attend meetings and express thier frustrations over tax increases but they know that in primary and general elections thier vote would be an exercise in futility and they stay home.

The incumbents generally have an advantage when there is a low voter turnout. The present Commission incumbents are tied together. District 3 Commissioner holds the whip. The District 5 Commissioner follows and the district 1 Commissioner is a huge follower. The citizens know that the "status quo" remains and whatever they say they are not really heard.

The Status quo do not want economic development to increase the tax base. They care not about business and are not user friendly.

Levy County needs a County Charter to control runaway government. The County needs term limits and citizen over sight committees to keep Commissioners' feet to the fire.

You are right Jim Clark, political hopefuls do say "why bother".

Dave Bibby