Police chief opposes legalizing marijuana

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 To the editor:

      As the Chief of Police for Williston, I join the Florida Police Chiefs Association in its strong opposition to any and all proposals that would legalize or decriminalize the sale, possession or use of marijuana.

I believe the current proposed constitutional amendment places the safety of our citizens and our community in jeopardy, primarily to the potential for expansion well beyond medical treatment for serious conditions.

The very nature of marijuana makes standardization of the drug’s potency extremely difficult and we know from our state and federal partners that marijuana with higher levels of THC can be extremely dangerous. 

Without clear guidelines for enforcement or even appropriate regulation, this amendment may create more problems than it intends to alleviate.

As proposed, this legislation fails to provide a regulatory agency to ensure safety or medical protocol. 

I’m convinced that after over 40 years as a police officer that marijuana is easily abused and will lead to other drug usage.

With marijuana becoming legal I feel that you can also expect a rise in traffic fatalities as a result of drivers who are impaired on marijuana.

Our bottom line: we’re concerned that Florida’s citizens are being duped by the push to legalize dope.

Dennis Strow

Williston Chief of Police