Play it safe this holiday season

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By Clay Connolly

Welcome to the holiday season! The Thanksgiving sale flyers are in the mail, Black Friday now begins on Thursday Night and you should remember that your belongings are not safe.
 Yes, crime is on the increase during the holiday season and much of it can be avoided by some thoughtful personal choices.
Start by hiding your stuff:
1. Don’t leave anything of value  visible within your car. A thief will do $300 worth of damage breaking a window to steal $4 worth of quarters.
2. Ditto your home. All those presents under the tree are nice but I can bet you don’t care for all of the friends your kids bring home.
3. Shred your credit card bills and personal information. Don’t give ID thieves data they can manipulate.
4. Lock your car and turn off the ignition! Please don’t assume your car is safe by virtue of the fact that you live in Williston.
5. Ladies, secure your purses! If you don’t think your purse is a target, come see me. I have the video!
6. Shopping? Be aware of your surroundings. Walk with your keys in your hands and try to park near the store.
7. Business? Make daytime deposits EVERY DAY. Avoid a cash buildup in the store.
Please remain vigilant and wise in your personal decisions this holiday season. Try to stay safe and call the Police immediately if you see or become the victim of a crime.
Clay Connolly is the deputy police chief in Williston.