Permits should be required

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 To the editor:

Am I correct in assuming that because noone officially sponsors this “event”, the cost of supplying a contingent of Levy Cty deputies is borne by the county taxpayers?

 If so, this is an outrage, and is a result of not demanding that a permit be required for an event of this magnitude. 

I saw a You-tube video taken at the “crabfest”  and for this gathering, the cost of paying for off-duty deputies is borne by Levy County citizens.

 If this is true it needs to be addressed by Levy County commissioners, and the problem rectified. I would imagine that if an event of this scope took place in Inglis, and a county road (40)  were to be blocked off, as was CR318, a permit would indeed be required!

This is intolerabe and must not happen again!

Steven Macaulay