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Sense of community was felt Friday

By The Staff

Someone should have had a clicker to count the thousands of people who came out Friday night to Horseman’s Park as the city of Williston threw America one heckuva of a birthday party.

It was an evening that would have made Andy, Barney and Aunt Bee proud as a strong sense of community and pride swept over the crowd.

Children played, neighbors caught up with one another and laughter resonated across the fields.

It was a time to cast aside the daily woes, relish the freedom we enjoy in the United States and to savor the unadulterated feeling of living in a place where people know your name and give you a wave when you pass by.

There’s a lot to be said for small town living, and Friday’s parade and the ensuring activities at the park rank up there among the best reasons to call Williston home.

Our hats are off the to the Greater Williston Chamber of Commerce and the city itself. You did your people right and exemplified what July 4 is all about.