Organizers plan safer Crab-Fest for Saturday

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 The Ministerial Faith Alliance, Inc. (MFA) and the Williston community announce plans for a more organized and safe Crab-Fest 2014.  

The MFA, Inc. includes senior leaders from the faith community in Williston and the surrounding areas who work together for the purpose of empowering and improving the lives of the public. 

Pastor Johnnie Jones, MFA President and  MFA member churches have spent the better part of the past  six months serving as liaison between Crab-Fest planners and participants and public and private community agencies including the Levy County Sheriff’s Office, Williston Police Department, Levy County government, the Levy County Prevention Coalition and many local churches.

The event will take place, as it has for the past 30 years, on the fourth Saturday in April, April 26. The festival will include vendors, music and fun activities for children. 

Community members and property owners have worked together to improve availability of restrooms, parking, first aid stations and waste receptacles. The Levy County Prevention Coalition also provided a Safe Festivals Training to the community to help reduce problems and provide a safer, more enjoyable environment.

The Crab-Fest is a cultural activity with a rich history and is important to the community because it provides an opportunity for families, classmates and old friends to gather. Crab-Fest is not an un-authorized street party, as has been reported. Despite the tragic events of last year’s festival, the majority of attendees simply come together for a weekend of safe and legal enjoyment. Crab-Fest is the largest festival in Levy County. The Festival belongs to the community and the MFA has worked hard to make sure that participants and stakeholders comply with all county, state and federal laws and regulations.