Open government is the best government

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There isn’t a government body anywhere that can accommodate  its constituency when it comes time for meetings.
Unless, of course, meetings are held in the Super Dome.
That’s why newspapers, the Fourth Estate, are critical to bringing the news to the people who elect government leaders.
Newspaper reporters are the eyes and ears of Joe the Plumber, who has concerns about what is transpiring in his city, county or state, but yet cannot attend meetings to learn how his tax dollars are being spent.
Newspapers and their reporters are the conduit by which information is funneled to the people.
As champions of “Government in the Sunshine”, the Williston Pioneer takes its role as the government watchdog seriously.
When we request public records or ask for interviews with government leaders, it’s because we believe they hold key information that will help residents understand the complexities of how government is run.
Avoiding calls, ignoring e-mails and refusing to cooperate with such requests only serves to keep people in the dark.
Even when everything is innocent, the appearance of hiding information is ever present, which only makes us–and the people–question what is really going on.
The people have a right to know. We believe it is our responsibility to provide the best, most accurate  information available.
It’s nothing personal–it’s our duty and walking in Sunshine beats walking in darkness any way you look at it.