Non-voters in Williston

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Robinson

By Jerry Robinson


On Tuesday, March 3, 2009 there was a city-wide race for one contested City Council seat which was all that was on the ballot.

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear, although I am sure there are some that will not believe me. Debra ran a good, clean and commendable race and I congratulate her on her victory.

We in the United States have a right and freedom to do something that only a handful of countries in the world can do and have it mean something and that is voting. Our vote, each and every one that is cast counts for whatever we are voting for. Be it only one local race or be it a national race, our vote counts.

This past Tuesday there were 212 people who took their precious time to vote. The time it took to vote for this one race was all of five minutes. These 212 people realized they were voting for someone to lead the city into the future and took it upon themselves to cast their vote. Regardless how they voted, they voted. Within the city limits of Williston there are 1,610 registered voters, ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED and TEN. That means there were 1,398, ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED and NINETY EIGHT of you that did not vote. Apparently you do not care about your city but are complacent with the way the affairs of the city are being handled. If you are then that is your right but 212 votes cast out of 1,610 registered votes is a DISGRACEFUL number. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

There are 1,398 of you that need not complain about anything the City Council does in the next few years because apparently you do not care.

People of Williston, you need to take an interest in your city, you need to get involved. In the past two elections there were five seats on the council up for election, plus the mayor. Out of those six seats one seat was contested.

To the 212 that voted last Tuesday you are to be highly commended for taking the time and interest to vote. For the 1,398, ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED and NINETY EIGHT that didn’t vote, you should be totally ashamed.

Jerry Robinson, Williston