No guns for teachers

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 To the editor:

Why does society blame "gun control" when everyone knows bad guys will always have guns no matter what "gun control" is put in place?  It would be like blaming cars for bad drivers so do we get rid of all cars.  Of course not.

Teachers should NOT be allowed to have guns because 1) when the police arrive they can't tell the teachers from the bad guys, 2) collateral damage,  3) teachers are suppose to teach and be a good example not thinking is my gun secure.  Do you really want our 5-year-olds seeing his loving teachers with a gun strapped to their side?  

 Are we turning our schools into a western movie?

As taxpayers we should give the resources needed to remove these troubled students from the system early BEFORE there is an event or they become a  repeating offender.

Why Destroy Sandy Hook School?

Why would society want to destroy anywhere a tragedy happens?  If we use that poor thinking; 1) we teach "defeat" instead of teaching to rebuild and  overcome bad events, 2) then we should destroy every place where people died  in vehicles, airplanes, highways, hospitals, etc. and, 3) we should destroy  cities after hurricanes or tornadoes, etc.  NO! We MUST teach to forgive, to overcome and create good but not be defeated.

Juanita Melchoir