New Church of God benefits entire community

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By The Staff

To the editor:

On Sunday afternoon, May 23, the dedication service for the new Church of God in Williston, was, without doubt, one of the outstanding events to be held in our area this year. I am sorry if you missed it.

With the Lord’s help, the Rev. Wesley Smith and his church have done an unbelievable job for which our entire community can be very proud.

This event has caused me to look around and see the number of great Christian facilities in the area of Williston, Raleigh and Morriston. We have truly been blessed. Take time to look at the many beautiful churches in this area.

This new church is just one of a number of fine, active Christian facilities around us. If we do look around we will see that despite the statements of some who say we are not a “Christian Nation”, we are tremendously blessed to have some outstanding Christian leaders who have been raised around here–Wesley Smith, Gladys Days, Judge Joe Smith and Johnny Jones-to name a few. It is great to live and raise a family in this place.

I pray we will take advantage of the opportunity we have to worship and see that our children are brought up knowing Jesus Christ.

We need to pray that God will bless America. He can solve all our problems, but we must call on Him for help. Let’s do it.

Royal L. French Sr.