Morriston woman complains about road department

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By Lou Elliott Jones

Sally Collins, a resident of Southeast 19th Street in Steeplechase Farms, complained to the Levy County Commission that she and a neighbor were being “targeted” by road maintenance crews that graded their street and blocked driveways with the material scraped off the road. 

“This is the worst they have done,” Collins said. And she went on to accuse Administrative Road Superintendent Bruce Greenlee of ignoring her complaints. “And he lies. He never shows up. He never does anything about it,” Collins said.

Greenlee said he had no recollection of Collins’ attempts to contact him and could not find any record of her calls. 

“I’m familiar with the road, but I don’t have a record of that (complaint),” he said. “I am the administrative  superintendent and not the superintendent of the grader drivers. If I can help you I’ll help you. But it’s never come to me from a grader operator.”

Commissioner Mike Joyner of Morriston (R-District 3) said he would be in the area on Tuesday afternoon and would check on the road. He did and he said later Tuesday that Collins called and asked when he was coming and why he did not call her when he went out to the road. 

Joyner said he was back on the road at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning with a road crew, instead of heading to the Suwannee River Youth Fair to bid on his granddaughter’s animal, to ensure the area was reworked to residents’ satisfaction. 

He also defended Greenlee: “Any time I have ever called on Bruce Greenlee he has called me right back.”  He said he and the commission stands behind Greenlee. 

“They dump the grading material of rocks on my property,” Collins told the commission on Tuesday. “I know my neighbors are highly upset.” She said the crew does not level off the berms created by the road material.

“I think the county commissioners need to put an end to this and go out there themselves,” Collins said. Commission Chair Ryan Bell of Chiefland (R-District 4) said, “I feel that no citizen in the county should be targeted.”  He said the poor work would be the luck of the draw. 

She said the crew did a better job on the road in the 1990s. "It wasn’t the nice small stone, it was the rocks, great big rocks that they put it in front of my driveway and I couldn’t get in and out."

As for the neighbor, Collins said, "They dumped it really badly in her driveway."