More Crabfest arrests made

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By The Staff

After reviewing videos and photographs taken at Williston’s Crabfest April 27, Levy County law enforcement agents discovered that at least one more incident was occurring simultaneously with the shooting that left one man dead.

Three juveniles were arrested last week after the authorities reviewed the    images and interviewed multiple witnesses.

According to a press release, concerned residents voluntarily submitted the videos and photos to law enforcement, who in turn learned of a separate, second incident involving a fight between Williston and Gainesville teens. During this second incident, one of the Williston teens pulled a firearm from his partner’s waistband and displayed it to their rivals. 

A second Williston teen took possession of the firearm and fired an estimated four rounds into the air. The Williston teens’ actions only exacerbated the crowd’s fear and confusion stemming from a shooting that occurred moments earlier, according to the sheriff’s department.

 Charges levied against the teens include Violation of Probation (curfew violation), disorderly conduct and reckless display of a firearm.