Mining in Montbrook

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By The Staff

To the editor:

You may have seen the signs up “NO BLAST NO DUST” around our neighborhood in Montbrook and on East Levy Street. We are very much against the blasting mine Mr. Vanderwey would like to see placed here. Mr. Vanderwey hasn’t given up on his idea of a lime rock blasting mine in Williston. While he hasn’t gone before the Board of Commissioners (BOC) yet, he is still working on getting his paperwork in order to proceed in hopes of getting approval from the board.

Mr. Vanderwey wants a 20-year permit to blast limerock, grind it up into fine particulate, transport it by train and truck, and pull up to 100,000 gallons of water every day. He is using the Apollo Company’s business address on his permits, and we know that his claims of working for the environment were exaggerated. You can check out the Web site for his company at Apolloequipment.net to see the logging equipment, tree chippers and grinders.

I’ve spoken with the staff at the BOC and at the Planning and Zoning office and have been told that when the date is set for the BOC to review his request, it will be advertized in the paper. The agenda for the BOC is posted on the Friday before the Tuesday meeting, so keep checking the website at levycounty.org and click on the “Agenda” link located on the left hand side of the web page. If you don’t know who your commissioner is just click on the commissioner tab at the top and the site will list their names and district numbers. You can then drop them a friendly note letting them know how you feel about the proposed mine. You can also email: citizensservices@dep.state.fl.us to make comments on Mr. Vanderwey’s permit from Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). His permit for water is number 294967-001 and is registered under his name and the company name of Appollo Equipment.

Some folks are asking how many will this mine affect? Well, driving around on a quiet Sunday afternoon, we counted more than 300 homes, several businesses and one church within a two-mile radius of the proposed mine site, more than 150 of those homes are within a mile of the mine. By the way the Williston Middle School and Nature Coast Hospital are within three miles from the proposed blasting site and the heart of Williston is within four miles from the site.

So please continue to check at the Web site, touch base with your local commissioners and let them know how you feel about this. As a community we can stand together and say no to this mine. After all, we know the value of our homes is more than the price. It’s where we place our hearts and rest our souls. So let’s keep our community the way we like it, Lime Rock Mine free.

T. Haines