Mayor honors May Students of the Month

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 Five students were singled out for their accomplishments last week when the Williston City Council and Mayor R. Gerald Hethcoat honored the May Students of the Month.

Rhealyn Chorvat, a first grader at Joyce Bullock Elementary and the daughter of Devyn and Todd Chorvat, was nominated by her teacher, Mrs. Cooper.

“Rhealyn is a very bright young lady,” Cooper wrote. “She is an excellent reader and loves science. She is a very motivated learner, always looking forward to the next challenge. She maintains an infectious level of enthusiasm towards school and always has a positive attitude. 

“She is always willing to help her classmates and is never at the center of controversy. She is always friendly and polite toward her classmates and teachers. Rhealyn is a wonderful role model and friend.”

Williston Elementary School chose fifth grader Dalton Vonderstasse as its representative.

He was nominated by Mrs. Thiessen who wrote, “Dalton is a very helpful and respectful safety patrol at Williston Elementary School. He tries hard at everything he does and works to improve constantly. 

“When other students are rushing out the door to go to lunch Dalton hangs back to pick up their chair, garbage and straighten the computers without ever being asked. 

“It's Dalton who voluntarily rushes to another student’s aid when they are hurt, offering to help them up. 

“He is very charismatic and tries very hard to be friends with everyone and I'd say he's achieved that. He's very well liked and loved; a wonderful child to get to know.”

Omar Martinez, an eighth grader at Williston Middle School and the son of Jose and Maria Martinez, was selected to represent his school.

The eighth grade team wrote, “The eighth grade team at Williston Middle School is incredibly proud to nominate Omar Martinez as our Citizen of the Month. 

“Omar is highly motivated, ardent, driven and always puts 100 percent effort in to his work”, says Mrs. Taylor, Omar’s AVID teacher. 

“It is easy to see Omar’s passion for success in life as it is always glowing off of him and his work. Omar’s goal to be accepted in to the AVID program in ninth grade and be accepted to the University of Kentucky is what truly keeps him on his path to success. 

“Omar’s favorite subject is Language Arts because he says, ‘It’s my thing and I enjoy writing.’  He also really enjoys being a part of the AVID program.

 ‘My AVID teacher, Mrs. Taylor, has inspired me to succeed, she always helps me to stay on track and make good choices for my future.’

“His plans for the future are to attend the University of Kentucky and become a veterinarian. His true passion is horse racing. He has grown up around horses most of his life and has hands on experience working with them. 

“Omar attributes his success to his parents stating that they always stand by his side and support him. In his free time, Omar enjoys working with horses and is entertained by emotional Mexican soap operas. The eighth grade team congratulates Omar Martinez and his parents.”

Williston Central Christian Academy chose Madison Hunt, a sixth grader and the daughter of Shawn and Laura Hunt as its Student of the Month.

She was nominated by the sixth grade teachers who wrote, “Madison Hunt is a sixth grader at W.C.C.A. She is a student who strives for academic excellence which is accomplished through hard work and diligence. 

“As a result of her dedication, she has made Honor Roll each quarter of this school year.

“Madison is a delight to have in class and can always be counted on to complete each task set before her.

“Madison gets along very well with her classmates and has a joy and sense of humor that always brightens the classroom environment. She is a blessing to our school and serves as a great role model to our younger students.

“Madison, thank you for being a part of our family at W.C.C.A.”