Looking for my muse in Beaufort

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck, Editor

My column writing has gotten rusty. Maybe because my brain is a little more rusty than usual. I lack inspiration. I lack joie de Vivre.

 I can’t write without inspiration. My inspiration comes from my  joie de Vivre. It takes a lot to inspire me these days–not so much to enthuse me. But truth-to-tell I am just too tired to be enthused.

I’m hoping this weekend will put a new spring in my step.

I am being reunited with the other half of my brain cell–best friend, Denise.

Except I think her half of the brain cell may be a bit fuzzy–her oldest child, and look-a-like daughter, is getting married.

Denise has been in mourning about this wedding since before there was even an engagement and it’s been more than one time that I have played counselor to her.

Oh, it’s not that she doesn’t like the fiance, it’s just she’s one of those clingy moms who wants her children underfoot all the time, even when they are 28, 23 and 22.

Denise has had some health issues too this year, and the long distance nursing on my part has taken its toll. We spent a weekend together back in February and while all the other wedding attendants were out frolicking, we were sitting on the porch, sipping adult beverages and commiserating.

We hope to do the same this week. I am to be her distraction from the wedding fuss and ensure she shows up for the vows.

Her role is even more daunting–she is to  make me laugh, rejuvenate my tired soul, inspire my creative process and soothe my     knotted brow.

Will either of us succeed?

You’ll be among the first to know.

Stay tuned.......