Local hounds dress up for Halloween at celebration

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By Steve Jarboe

Trained Dog Happy Dog agility and training facility held their annual Howl-o-ween for dogs celebration on Saturday Oct. 22. Many dogs brought their owners to the celebration where they each took their turn at the “LURE” course to record their best run. There was also a Costume Contest for all the dogs.


The Great Dane named Celeste, owned by Kathy Anaya ran the Lure Course is a blazing 11.82  seconds.

Rudy Von Schnauzer, a three year old miniature schnauzer owned by Barbara Jarboe, won the “Best Costume Contest.” Rudy was dressed as a cow complete with udders, while Barbara wore an Eat More Chickin shirt.

Daisy, owned by Veronique Kaiser, was the runner-up in the costume contest.

 Everyone had a great time and thanked their dogs for inviting them on such a beautiful day.