Limbaugh descendant speaks up

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 To the editor:

     Over the weekend I was contacted by family members that the Levy County school board is proposing moving the old Limbaugh cemetery. 

 I am a great-grandson of Rufus K. Limbaugh and have visited the cemetery several times in the past seven years but access is difficult.  

I found the location of the cemetery in 2006 and found out a land developer had plans to build houses on the site.  I took a week’s leave and drove down from Virginia to meet with Mrs. Harris who took me out to the site where the cemetery is and put me in contact with people who might be able to help. 

With the assistance of Mrs. Toni Collins we were able to register the cemetery on the Florida Master Site File.

Rufus K. Limbaugh moved to Levy County from Rowan County, N.C. in 1851.  He served with the 2nd Florida Calvary as a private during the Civil War.  My  grandfather and father were both born in Levy County and I hope the citizens  of Levy County can help in preserving this old cemetery.

The cemetery sits  on a large parcel of land and it seems there should be enough space to build a school and leave the cemetery where it is.  If access to the cemetery were easier it would not be in the condition it is now but it is the final resting place of my great-grandparents and I hope they can rest in peace.

Larry L. Limbaugh

Winter Garden