Library, its management an asset

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To the editor:

For many years the city of Williston has enjoyed the privilege of having a top notch, up-to-date library.

I, along with many, many others, have made good use of this facility.

It is warm in décor, peaceful and beautifully managed. It enhances the city and surrounding areas.

Sad to know that library head Michelle Traylor and Mary Read are going to leave the system after 26 years of superb management.

Thank you so much for your love and dedicated service.

Let us hope that the new people coming in will meet their standard. (I’m sure they will).

Thanks to the many volunteers who did an excellent job along the way.

I would personally like to know every child through high school has visited with their teachers and learned what a value it is to our education system.

So to Michelle and Mary, enjoy your retirement and God bless both of you. You have touched many lives in a  positive way.

 Shirley Moxley