Levy's biggest indoor pot grow house raided

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By The Staff

Law enforcement officials seized more than a ton of marijuana and arrested four people last Wednesday in raids in the Williston area, shutting down what is believed to be the largest indoor grow site in Levy County history.

The estimated street value of the drugs was $1.2 million.

According to the Levy County Sheriff's Office, a federal warrant was executed at 4150 N.E. 167th Court by the Levy County-Chiefland Drug Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Drug agents arrested Francisco Sac, 22, and Diego Chox-Guarchai, who were reportedly hiding in the two-story log home. According to officials, the home was used for the packaging and drying the 978 marijuana plants that had been seized from the 40 x 80 metal building located directly behind the home. Inside the metal building was the indoor marijuana grow house with lights, ballast, potting soil and fertilizer.

The home was on 10.5 acres and the operation was well organized and had an elaborate alarm system, police said. At the front gate there was a pressure sensor in the driveway alerting any suspects if someone entered the property. Upon entering the property the alarm system was activated and the two suspects attempted to shut down the operation and hide inside the home.

In connection with that raid, the Sheriff's Office said information was developed that another indoor grow house was at 12991 N.E. 100th St.

The DEA and the Alachua County Sheriff's Office assisted in the investigation of this property, which was a residence and a metal shed located on 80 acres.

Officials had information that the residence might be booby trapped and the Alachua Sheriff's Office bomb team assisted. No bombs or booby traps were located, but there was a camera system that could video any activity in the front yard.

In the shed 160 marijuana plants were seized.

Additional warrants were obtained for another house on the same property, located at 20120 S.W. 191st Ave., Archer. At that location William Jay Erickson, 54, and Minerva Atatha Quintana, 53, were arrested.

All four suspects were charged with conspiracy to distributed and manufacture over 1,000 marijuana plants.