Levy County Sheriff's Reports-March 31

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This Week's Arrests March 31

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
March 22–James Bascum Allen, 39, Old Town, readmit from court DWLSR.
March 26–Griagal Connell Barr, 34, Williston, burglary of a dwelling. Bond $40,000.
March 21–Bobby Lee Bean, 23, Bronson, readmit from court DWLSR.
March 27– Dennis James Berry, 58, Chiefland, hold for the state of Ohio, three counts: trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools.
March 21–Roger Paul Brown, 49, Morriston, bond surrender, dealing in stolen property. Bond $5,000.
March 24–Kinisha Shareen Carter, 32, Cross City, hold for Dixie County-stalking and DWLSR, retail theft, VOP disorderly conduct. Bond $2,600.
March 21–Amanda Ashlee Clark, 24, Citrus Springs, FTA three counts-two forgery, petit theft. Bond $21,000.
March 22–Sean Ryan Donahue, 22, Inglis, VOP burglary. Bond $25,000.
March 24, Amanda Michelle Douglas, 18, Fanning Springs, grand theft, dealing in stolen property. Bond $20,000.
March 23, Randi Lynn Fumea, 23, Chiefland, readmit larceny theft, two counts.
March 28–Brandon Wayne Gadson, 21, Grant, Mich., loitering and prowling, possession of meth, possession of cocaine, possession of roxicodone, possession of hydrocodone, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
March 27, Dawn Melinda Heyde, 49, Yankeetown, domestic battery.
March 23, Carolou Ann Lonic, 30, Trenton, possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance. Bond $40,000.
March 21, Kathleen Dawn Luce, 30, Chiefland, readmit from court DUI.
March 23, Hanford Merle McPherson, 24, Bronson, grand theft auto and dealing in stolen property. Bond $40,000.
March 24, Bobby Willis Morgan, Trenton, VOP battery and criminal mischief. Bond $15,000.
March 24, Carlos Javier Ortiz, 19, Bronson, possession of cannabis with intent with intent to sell or deliver and sale of cannabis. Bond $30,000.
March 26, John Alford Ralston, 39, Fanning Springs, domestic battery and tampering with a victim of 911. Bond $10,000.
March 22, Joshua Brian Reeves, 24, Cross City, VOP possession of a controlled substance and sale of a controlled substance.
March 25, Darjuan Derrick Robinson, 28, VOP two counts grandtheft and two counts grand theft auto.
March 21, Stebeon Germaski Robinson, 28, VOP possession of cocaine, two counts.
March 25, Curtis Callen Smith, 61, possession of cocaine, tag attached not assigned, possession of a controlled substance without a  prescription and DWLSR. Bond $20,500.
March 28, Tammy Lee Spears, 24, Inglis, loitering and prowling.
March 28, Raymond Arthur Spencer Jr., 25, Reedsport, Ore., domestic battery.
March 24, Kenneth Eugene Strong, 49, Chiefland, writ of bodily attachment. Bond $700.
March 23, Terry Lee Thompson, 47, Williston, readmit burglary of a structure, resisting officer and larceny.
March 26, Rebecca Lee Watts, 47, Chiefland, trespass after warning.
March 26, Bernard Wheeler, 54, Williston, hold for Marion County-DWLSR.
March 23, Erick Hernandez Acosta, 33, Morriston, DWLSR. Bond $5,000.
March 25, Elliott Howard Ansin, 24, Interlachen, sale of controlled substance, possession of controlled substance. Bond $15,000.
March 24, Jerald Samuel Billups, 35, Inglis, FTA larceny.
March 24, Rollin Lee Bonday, 64, Williston, no vehicle registration and DWLSR. Bond $500.
March 22, Marcelo Buebaventura, 30, Morriston, FTA no driver’s license.
March 23, Debriana Kathryn Cromwell, 32, Chiefland, DWLSR knowingly.
March 21, Frank Louis Darcangelo, 25, Tarpon Springs, VOP possession of carisprodol and possession of marijuana.
March 25, Clayton James Faulkner, 25, Old Town, DWLSR. Bond $500.
March 22, Jane Rusby Keene, 59, Fanning Springs, trespassing.
March 21, Amanda Jean Kricos, 30, Homosassa, reckless driving.
March 21, Virginia Marie Manis, 48, Williston, domestic battery.
March 24, Hermie Gerrell McClendon, 37, Chiefland, possession of cocaine and sale of cocaine. Bond $100,000.
March 25, Micah Mincey, 27, Williston, domestic battery. Bond $2,000.
March 21, Alan David Monette, 26, Williston, violation of domestic injunction. Bond $50,000.
March 23, Georgia Ann Neeley, 32, Fanning Springs, domestic battery. Bond $500.
March 22, Joshua Caleb Reed, 23, Chiefland, DWLSR. Bond $500.
March 26, John Richard Semrau, 74, Gainesville, DUI.
March 23, Marcos Antonio Solis, 20, Oklawaha, VOP.
March 22, Jesse Wayne Walker, 21, Chiefland, hold for Suwannee County. Bond $25,000.