Levy County Sheriff's Reports-March 24

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This Week's Arrests March 24

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
March 20, Jesse Carlton Bennett, 24, Round Rock, Texas, aggravated assault with deadly weapon. Bond $50,000.
March 18, Frank Peter Bernatos, 54, Cross City,  RWOV and trespass after warning. Bond $4,000.
March 14, Alisha Marie Braswell, 27, Chiefland, fraud insufficient funds, bond surrender violation of condition. Bond $20,000.
March 16, Michael Christopher Caliguire, 32, Dunnellon, FTA two counts, trespassing and RWOV. Bond $29,026.
March 15, Mark Glen Deschamps, 41, Okeechobee, VOP DWLSR.
March 16, James Darrell Edwards, 38, Inglis, theft. Bond $25,000.
March 18, Gary Gene Garrett, 50, Tampa, counterfeit bills and counterfeit equipment. Bond $100,000.
March 20, Jerry Jasper Gore, 31, Gulf Hammock, domestic battery and depriving witness of 911. Bond $7,000.
March 18, Luther L. Hiers, 39, Leesburg, VOP taking game in closed season, theft, criminal damage to property. Bond $27,000.
March 15, Devine Detrone Johnson, 47, Alachua, VOP DWLSR and VOP possession of marijuana.
March 17, Dwayne Edward Jones, 49, Bronson, violation of protection order. Bond $25,000.
March 19, Thomas Edward Laney, 53, DUI and DWLSR habitual. Bond $7,000.
March 21, Kathleen Dawn Luce, 30, Chiefland, DUI.
March 17, Desiree Lenore Miller, 27, Trenton, four counts sale of cannabis within 1,000 feet of government housing, four counts possession of cannabis with intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Bond $145,500.
March 17, Kevin James Odom, 25, Chiefland, RWOV, possession of marijuana. Bond $7,000.
March 16, Maurice Antonio Oliver, 28, Chiefland, sales of controlled substance and possession of cannabis with intent to sell. Bond $7,000.
March 15, Michael Peterson, 60, West Pam Beach, VOP burglary of a structure.
March 18, Connie Lynn Pugh, 43, Tampa, counterfeit bills and counterfeit equipment. Bond $100,000.
March 15, James Rome, 71, Chiefland, burglary and theft. Bond $20,000.
March 16, Tiffany Katara Sams, 30, Williston, VOP unemployment compensation fraud.
March 20, Kendrick Dale Thomas, 34, Trenton, domestic battery. Bond $15,000.
March 15, Mark Reese Thompson, 46, Williston, VOP child abuse.
March 14, Porfirio Garcia Vasquez, 30, Ocala, fraud give false name on driver’s license.
March 20, Velton Dion Williams, Middleburg, DWLSR and no vehicle registration. Bond $3,000.
March 20, Rosa Carmen, 54, Williston, domestic battery.
March 19, Melquis Enrique Derrico, 33, Bronson, refused breathalyzer, refused to sign and DUI. Bond $600.
March 17, Joseph Wayne Emerick Jr., 25, Cross City, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.
March 17, Tammy Jones Hughes, 49, domestic battery. Bond $1,000.
March 16, Steve Jordan Jennings, 30, Bronson, FTA attached tag not assigned.
March 14, Jeffery Scott Kirkland, 44, Trenton, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.
March 20, Anthony Ivanhoe Lynch, 29, Gainesville, DWLSR.
March 21, Virginia Marie Manis, 48, Williston, domestic battery.
March 14, Jose Luis Matos-Hernandez, 39, Bronson, no driver’s license. Bond $2,000.
March 17, Matthew Miller, 23, Bell, eight counts VOP in Union County, one count VOP in Columbia County-no driver’s license.
March 17, Annie Ruth Monroe, 51, Williston, battery on law enforcement officer, disorderly intoxication and hold for Alachua County. Bond $10,500.
March 15, Terry Albert Palmer, 47, Panacea, DUI. Bond $2,000.
March 14, Giovanni Nikovah Patterson, 33, Reddick, VOP DUI second offense, Marion County.
March 14, Anthony Lee Ralph, 31, Chiefland, hold for court and DOC.
March 19, Ken Stepheon Rives, Williston, writ of bodily attachment. Bond $200.
March 18, Sara Adele Santerfeit, 22, Bronson, FTA insufficient funds (two counts), three counts Alachua County  insufficient funds. Bond $1,300.
March 18, Jacoby Jerimiah Span, 24, Williston, possession of marijuana.