Levy County Sheriff's Reports

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This week's arrests

 The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

Jan. 13, Silas Dweight Alexander, 40, Williston, out of county warrant.

Jan. 8, Zachariah Chandler Beam, 22, Crystal River, VOP. Bond $25,000.

Jan. 11, William W. Davis, 25, Williston, VOP.

Jan. 13, David C. Dominion, 38, Chiefland, fraudulently claim unemployed tax credit.

Jan. 12, James Stevenson, 27, Chiefland, disorderly intoxication, assault on an officer. Bond $12,500.

Jan. 13, Joseph Garcia, 38, Fanning Springs, two counts VOP.

Jan. 12, Patrick Allen Kelly, 31, Dunnellon, two counts VOP. 

Jan. 8, David Dwayne Lamb, 44, Chiefland, battery. Bond $5,000.

Jan. 8, Lyrena Sunshine Lamb, 38, Chiefland, battery.

Jan. 13, Craig Lawrence, 42, Chiefland, DUI, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment. Bond $4,000.

Jan. 10, Ruthann Christine McClain, 65, Chiefland,  four counts possession of drugs without prescription, possession of a controlled substance,  two counts possession within 1,000 feet of a place of worship, selling or manufacturing narcotic. Bond $255,000.

Jan. 12, Danielle Marie McNabb, 19,  two counts uttering false  bank note, two counts uttering public record. Bond $20,000.

Jan. 13, Mark Munden, 29, Gainesville, DUI, obstruction W/OV.  Bond $7,000.

Jan. 11, Gonzalo Camacho-Ramirez, 34, Trenton, two counts FTA. Bond $30,000.

Jan. 7, Jimmie Clint Saunders, 71, Archer, kidnapping, obstruction W/OV. Bond $65,000.

Jan. 10, Erin Nicole Schumacher, 28, Tampa, non support of children or spouse.

Jan. 8, Fred Shasteen, 37, Williston, out of county warrant.

Jan. 7, Andrea Brooke Shoults, 21, Archer, 11 out of county warrants.

Jan. 9, Joseph Lee Smith, 31, Old Town, two VOP. Bond $20,000.

Jan. 12, Country James Stephenson, 33, Williston, DWLSR. Bond $5,000.

Jan. 7, Michael Suprenant, 49, Bell, out of county warrant. Bond $500.

Jan. 8, Zechariah Allen Tackett, 23, Dunnellon, out of county warrant.

Jan. 13, Jeremiah Anthony Tisdale, 30, Bronson, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment.

Jan. 13, Blanca Esmeralda Trinidad, 23, no DL.

Jan. 9, Abraham Weisel, 24, York Haven, Pa., two VOP, two counts burglary, giving false ID, grand theft. Bond $90,000.

Jan. 13, Scott Lynn Witham, 32, Trenton, DWLS. Bond $500.