Levy County Sheriff's Reports

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

Jan. 21, Amanda Andrews, 28, Chiefland, DWLS.

Jan. 17, Stephen Michael Baker, 20, Inglis, out of county warrant. Bond $4,000.

Jan. 17, James Brian Brunelle, 24, Williston, three counts VOP.

Jan. 18, Matthew Hastin Bryant, 24, Williston, petit theft, altering public record. Bond $25,000.

Jan. 19, Marvin Eugene Cooper III, 24, Williston, burglary. Bond $50,000.

Jan. 20, Mikell W. Dixon, 33, Bronson, out of county warrant.

Jan. 20, Karen Renee Gonzales, 43, Bartow, 13 counts VOP.

Jan. 19, Matthew Carl Huston, 23, Williston, VOP.

Jan. 17, Corey Hampton Johnson, 20, Williston, burglary, grand theft, theft. Bond $100,000.

Jan. 20, Stephen Daniel Maleckar, 21, Middleburg, FTA. Bond $5,000.

Jan. 21, Gerald August Males, 24, Dunnellon, battery on person 65 years or older and possession of drug equipment. Bond $25,000.

Jan. 17, Jesaiah McNulty, 30, Gainesville, burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief.

Jan. 21, Hanford Merle McPherson, 25, Bronson, VOP.

Jan. 16, Cinnamon Middlebrooks, 19, Trenton, VOP.

Jan. 22, Julia Ann Mock, 28, Trenton, passing forged/altered instrument. Bond $15,000.

Jan. 16, Jesse Montes, 21, five out of county warrants.

Jan. 22, Stephen Aldred Moree, 57, Williston, violating injunction protection domestic violence, possession of cocaine, possession of drug equipment. Bond $100,000.

Jan. 17, Kyle Andrew Paulk, 24, Chiefland, possession, selling within 1,000 feet of specified area. Bond $70,000.

Jan. 20, Tana Frances Plank, 21, operating motor vehicle W/O DL, failure to register motor vehicle.

Jan. 16, Gregory Scott Renna, 41, Archer, battery, trespassing.  Bond $20,000.

Jan. 16, Jacklyn Saunders, 31, Archer, battery.

Jan. 16, Cory Martin Sears, 20, Old Town, operating motor vehicle W/O DL, possession of liquor by person under 21. Bond $4,000.

Jan. 20, Derick L. Short, 42, Inglis, methamphetamine, three counts possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, failure to obey law enforcement officer, reckless driving, obstruction, driving with expired license. Bond $90,000.

Jan. 18, Gary Roy Thunquest, 44, Archer, kidnapping/false imprisonment battery, assault. Bond $325,000.

Jan. 16, Pamela Joyner Tucker, 46, Bronson, felony battery, aggravated battery. $15,000.

Jan. 20, Marian Cockerham Walker, 55, Inglis, controlled substance without prescription and drug equipment. Bond $20,000.

Jan. 18, Roy Thomas Willard, 62, Williston, fleeing/eluding, RWV. Bond $35,000.

Jan. 18, Taurus Roddrell Williams, 29, Chiefland, aggravated battery, burglary, robbery, grand theft. Bond $250,000.