Levy County Sheriff's Reports

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

Reginald Ventrell Adams, 25, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 14, possession of a controlled substance and sale of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a place of worship. Bond $50,000.

Haley Brianna Baker, 18, Trenton, arrested Dec. 14, armed burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief. Bond $75,000.

Matthew Brady Benson, 21, Archer, arrested Dec. 14, dealing in stolen property. Bond $50,000.

Sammy Cleveland Cannon, 29, Cedar Key, arrested Dec. 16, Violation of Probation (VOP).

Robbie Lee Corbett, 27, Bronson, arrested Dec. 18, domestic battery and criminal mischief. Bond $10,000.

Michael Eugene Durr, 21, Chiefland , arrested Dec. 14, VOP-aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Michael Lamar Edmonds, 50, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 18, DUI, DWLSR, leaving the scene of a crash, refuse to submit to breath test. Bond $55,000.

Hants Quincey Harrelson, 24, Trenton, arrested Dec. 18, disorderly intoxication. Bond $1,000.

Lori Kiefer Harris, 38, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 15, aggravated assault and carrying concealed firearm.

Albert Keith Haynes Jr., 19, Williston, arrested Dec. 13, VOP-carjacking and six counts VOP-burglary.

Jena Marie Hindsley, 22, Old Town, arrested Dec. 13, possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond $1,000.

Alan Ray Jesk, 55, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 15, trespass of structure, violation of no contact order, Failure to Appear (FTA) battery and FTA burglary. Bond $165,000.

Chester Thourton Kendall, 32, Bronson, arrested Dec. 16, three counts VOP-possession of cannabis and VOP-possession of paraphernalia and VOP DWLSR.

Rocky Randall Lanier, 47, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 15, manufacturing or cultivation of cannabis, possession of cannabis, tampering with evidence, possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia–all readmit from court.

Lee Clarence Lewis, 23, Williston, arrested Dec. 13, FTA vehicle pursuit, reckless driving and DWLSR. Bond $35,000.

Brandon Scott Molen, 25, Yankeetown, arrested Dec. 16, grand theft, burglary and dealing in stolen property. Bond $45,000.

Danny William Owens, 54, Bronson, arrested Dec. 19, writ of bodily attachment. Bond $500.

James Kendall Pauley, 20, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 14, grand theft, dealing in stolen property, burglary of a dwelling. Bond $90,000.

Donald John Smith Jr., 41, Sarasota, arrested Dec. 14, writ of bodily attachment. Bond $1,500.

Mark Anthony Williamson, 51, Williston, arrested Dec. 14, VOP lewd and lascivious assault.

Thomas Patrick Chambers, 39, Chiefland arrested Dec 14, VOP aggravated assault with deadly weapon, VOP cruelty toward child and VOP obstructing justice.

Williams Edward Coggins Jr., 39, Inglis, arrested Dec 17, possession of a controlled substance,

Victoria Lynn Edwards, 28, Trenton, arrested Dec. 13, domestic battery. Bond $500.

Jose Eduardo Hernandez, 18, arrested Dec. 14, Bronson, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Bond $750.

Branden Dana Langford, 25, High Springs, arrested Dec. 18, domestic battery. Bond $5,000.

Roberth Escobedo Lozano, 33, Gainesville, arrested Dec. 17, no valid driver’s license. Bond $500.

Nicholas A. McKinney, 31, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 16, VOP lewd and lascivious.

Tina Marie Mummert, 21, Trenton, arrested Dec. 17, DWLSR.

John Wayne Nelson, 38, Williston, arrested Dec. 17, DWLSR and kill/injure alligator egg without authority. Bond $1,500.

Charlie Jason Owens, 24, Naples, arrested Dec. 19, aggravated assault with firearm, using firearm while under the influence and discharging a firearm in public. Bond $15,000.

Felicia Nicole Rheaume, 27, Chiefland, arrested Dec. 14, FTA larceny. Bond $500.

Latrelle Pridgen Sneed, 58, Bronson, arrested Dec. 15, drug possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Bond $1,000.

John T. Tilton, 55, Williston, arrested Dec. 13, obstructing a court order.

Christian A. Weinken, 19, Holder, arrested Dec. 14, DUI. Bond $2,000.

 Briean Nichole White, 26, Medford, N.Y., arrested Dec. 14, FTA-DWLSR