Levy County Sheriff's Reports

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This week's arrests

The Levy County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests:
Jess Thomas Adams, 29, arrested Nov. 4, writ of bodily attachment.
Theresia Marie Conley, 27, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 1, grand theft and dealing in stolen property. Bond $15,000.
Gerald Edward Cook, 46, Williston, arrested Nov. 2, grand theft auto, possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond $16,000.
Beatrice Jones Dixon, 57, Alachua, arrested Nov. 1, two counts Failure to Appear (FTA) fraud insufficient funds, Bond $2,000.
Robin Ruth Kennedy, 23, Williston, arrested Nov. 2, aggravated assault, burglary, battery, trespass after warning. Bond $12,500.
Ho Jun Kim, 44, Naples, arrested Nov. 2, order directing arrest. Bond $500,000.
William Charles LePage, 50, Cedar Key, arrested Nov. 7, habitual DUI and Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR)/ Bond $5,000.
Nelson Aquilar Lopez, 23, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 5, DUI and no valid driver’s license. No bond.
Arin McNulty, 28, Cedar Key, arrested Nov. 2, tampering with a witness or informant and aggravated assault with motor vehicle. Bond $300,000.
Roberto Muguercia, 47, Spring Hill, arrested Nov. 6, Violation of Probation (VOP) possession of marijuana. No bond.
Kirkland Latroy Neal, 39, Bronson, arrested Nov. 2, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond $6,000.
Lee Dennis Scieferstein, 26, Inglis, VOP burglary of a structure. No bond.
David P. Stenback, 28, Williston, arrested Nov. 6, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, possession of oxycodone and possession of cannabis. Bond $17,000.
Kimberly Carol Allen, 50, Newberry, arrested Nov. 6, larceny grand theft and retail theft. Bond $3,000.
Juan Carlos Alvarado, 25, Morriston, arrested Nov. 6, no driver’s license. Bond $2,000.
Agustin Berenguer, 42, Anthony, arrested Nov. 3, grand theft. Bond $30,000.
Nancy Diane Bowman, 61, Trenton, arrested Nov. 1, retail theft and possession of a controlled substance. Bond $1,500.
Jeremy Wayne Clepper, 21, Cedar Key, arrested Nov. 4, aggravated theft. Bond $25,000.
Michael Christophe Cochrane, 26, arrested Nov. 1, possession of marijuana. Bond $1,000.
Armando Crisostomo, 32, Polmetto, arrested Nov. 3, no driver’s license. Bond $500.
Jodi Lynn Czaplick, 24, Morriston, arrested Nov. 1, VOP cocaine possession. No bond.
Jeremy Dylan Drake, 18, Bronson, arrested Nov. 6, possession of cannabis and possession of cocaine. Bond $7,000.
Gerald Charles Duke, 29, Bronson, arrested Nov. 4, DWLSR and possession of controlled substance without prescription. Bond $6,000.
Joseph Garcia, 36, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 1, DWLSR habitual. Bond $10,000.
Cody Allen Gilkes, 23, New Port Richey, arrested Nov. 7, DWLSR. Released on own recognizance.
Adonay Gomez-Vasquez, 24, Fanning Springs, arrested Nov. 2, no driver’s license. Bond $500.
Daniel Amir Hosein, 24, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 7, DUI. Bond $2,000.
Brittany Leighanne Parks, 21, Morriston, arrested Nov. 2, domestic battery. Released on own recognizance.
Torrance Tyrone Pitts, 40, Williston, arrested Nov. 3, VOP cocaine possession. Bond $10,000.
Cameron James Sheets, 22, Gainesville, arrested Nov. 3, FTA disorderly intoxication.
Jennifer Lynn Smims, 36, Homosassa Springs, arrested Nov. 1, DWLSR. Bond $500.
Jesse Ray Teague, 29, Cross City, arrested Nov. 8, DUI. Bond $2,100.
Timothy Ray Worth, 24, New Port Richey, arrested Nov. 5, FTA worthless check. Bond $549.