Levy County Sheriff's Reports 12-2-2010

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

Clinton Adams III, 40, St. Petersburg, arrested Nov. 24, writ of bodily attachment. Bond $500.

William Addison, 56, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 27, drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Bond $2,000.

Jeffrey Cunigan, 21, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 25, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis. Bond $1,500.

Kyle S. Donnelly,  23, Williston, arrested Nov. 22, Violation of Probation (VOP) Driving while license suspended or revoked (DWLSR). Bond $5,000.

Georgia Ann Hamilton, 27, Ocala, arrested DUI and DWLSR. Cash bond $1,500.

Shantel Lakeesha Haynes, 21, Williston, arrested Nov. 22, no driver’s license. Bond $2,000.

Matthew Carl Huston, 22, arrested Nov. 27, Williston, VOP DWLSR.

Jane Rusby Keene, 59, Fanning Springs, arrested Nov. 25, disorderly intoxication. Bond $1,000.

Chester Thourton Kendall, 32, Bronson, arrested Nov. 28, DWLRS and tag attached not assigned.

Juan  Loez, 39, Williston, arrested Nov. 21, no driver’s license, refuse breathlyzer, DUI. Bond $5,000.

Illya S. Monroe, 41, Williston, arrested Nov. 24, arrested Nov. 24, dealing in stolen property. Bond $20,000.

Gregory Robert Roland, 56, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 24,  three counts possession of crack cocaine and three counts sale of cocaine within 1,000 feet of church. Bond $400,000.

Samantha Carol Sears, 27, Bronson, arrested Nov. 29, expired driver’s license.

Curtis Callen Smith, 61, Newberry, arrested Nov. 22, tag attached not assigned, DWLSR, possession of cocaine and possession of controlled substance without prescription. Boond $20,500.

Constance Sue Squire, 60, Archer, arrested Nov. 27, grand theft second degree,

Bennie Orval Thomas, 46, Bronson, arrested Nov. 24, domestic battery. Bond $30,000.

Michelle L. Vanhoose, 37, Bronson, arrested Nov. 28, theft/shoplifting.

Hewitt Ralph Watkins, 50, Williston, arrested Nov. 23, possession of controlled substance without prescription, felony battery and battery on medical provider. Bond $75,000.

Rebecca Lee Watts, 47, arrested Nov. 23, trespass after warning. Bond $5,000.

Brandon Michael Yurack, 18, Ocala, arrested Nov. 26, disorderly conduct, burglary of a structure, criminal mischief and larceny. Bond $21,000.

Robert Guy, 41, Sarasota, arrested Nov. 27, DWLSR.

Richard T. Brooks, 66, Williston, arrested Nov. 22, alligator poaching.

Marcus K. Chever, 28, Williston, arrested Nov. 27, bond surrender DWLSR.

Kenneth William Colon, 22, Otter Creek, arrested Nov. 22, DWLSR. Bond $500.

Robert Michael Fleming, 29, Yankeetown, arrested Nov. 23, DUI. Bond $2,000.

Terri Ann Harris, 36, Chiefland, arrested Nov. 24, obtaining controlled substance by fraud or forgery. Bond $20,000.

Walton Hayward, 77, Gulf Hammock, arrested Nov. 22, killing/injuring/possession of alligator without authority,

Jamie Lee Hemphill, 32, Williston, arrested Nov. 22, domestic battery. Bond $7,500.

Kenyata Daron Howard, 35, Melrose, arrested Nov. 21, Failure to Appear (FTA) DWLSR. Bond $2,000.

James Walter Hunter, 24, Inglis, arrested Nov. 27, DUI. 

Miranda Lee McClain, 18, Bronson, arrested Nov. 27, retail theft.

Jenette Nichole Paulk, 25, Fanning Springs, arrested Nov. 22, DWLSR knowingly.

Kevin Delroy Renfroe, 28, Bronson, arrested Nov. 26, DWLSR. Bond $2,000.

Robin Elizabeth Richburg, 51, Bronson, arrested Nov. 25, domestic battery, possession of less than 20 grams cannabis and possession of paraphernalia. Bond $1,500.