Levy County Sheriff's Reports

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This week's arrests

 Aug. 13, Wayne Bancroft, 48, Inglis. four count battery on EMS, firefighter or officer W/V.

Aug. 14, Adam Bolden, 30, Chiefland, DWLSR, assault on officer, firefighter or EMT. Bond $52,000.

Aug. 13, Sandra Burns, 58, Inglis, aggravated assault. Bond $50,000.

Aug. 12, Gerald Edward Cook, 49, Chiefland, two counts assault on officer, firefighter or EMT. Bond, corrupt by threat public servant or family, deprive means protection or communication, disorderly intoxication, W/V. Bond $91,000.

Aug. 18, James Cothron, 62, Bronson, abuse  without great harm to child.

Aug. 13, Tiffany Lashon Donaldson, 31, Chiefland, two counts VOP. 

Aug. 15, James Stevenson Ellerby, 47, Chiefland, trespass. Bond $2,500.

Aug. 13, Dezmon Jovan Flanders, 22, Cross City, VOP.

Aug. 15, Lisa Machelle Hagins, 41, Chiefland, VOP.

Aug. 15, Robert E. Hall, 64, Morriston, aggravated assault. Bond $200,000.

Aug. 14, David Arnold Hardesty, 60, Archer, domestic. Bond $30,000.

Aug 15, Francisco Hernandez, 29, Trenton, FTA. Bond $5,000.

Aug. 15, Samuel Adbiel Hernandez, 21, Williston, battery. Bond $15,000.

Aug. 12, Virtron Lamont Horton Jr., 27, Chiefland, failure to obey LEO order to stop, possession of  marijuana, possession of drug equipment. Bond $22,000.

Aug. 15, Shawn Donald Huffman, 41, Inglis, battery. Bond $15,000.

Aug. 15, Jeffery Scott Kirkland, 46, Trenton, VOP.

Aug. 13, Jaakarri Middleton, 21, Gainesville, criminal attempt to  solicit or conspire, robbery/carjacking, grand theft, flee/elude LEO, fail to stop at crash involving injury. Bond $180,000.

Aug. 15, Ann Marie Mitchell, 40,  Old Town, VOP. Bond $5,000.

Aug. 16, Kennedy Lee Mitchell, 21, Palm Bay, VOP.

Aug. 14, Bud Kenneth Moore, 24, Chiefland, VOP.

Aug. 15, Gary David Peterson, 72, Bronson, violating injunction repeat sex date violation. Bond $100,000.

Aug. 13, Amber Faith Peterson, 24, Inglis, two counts VOP.

Aug. 15, Jerry Mark Roe, 59, Williston, domestic. Bond $20,000.

Aug. 16, Adam Stout, 31, Chiefland, domestic.

Aug. 14, Ronald Cliford Tarpy, 51, Williston, two counts battery, two counts threat to do violence, two counts kidnapping/false imprisonment, two  counts tampering/harassment, violating injunction repeat sex date violation. Bond $900,000.

Aug. 15, Keith Alan Thomas, 27, Bronson, neglect W/O great harm to child. Bond $25,000.

Aug. 15, Denise Wilbur, 43, Archer, thee counts child abuse. Bond $45,000.