Levy County Sheriffs Reports 10-7-2010

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

•Jeremiah Alan Ware, 24, Trenton, arrested Sept. 30, for armed robbery. 

According to the report, Ware, and a co-defendant Eric Burke, robbed a Waco convenience store and “put the clerk in fear and threatened to kill him, while brandishing a metal tire iron…”

On Thursday, Sept. 23 at 2:44 a.m., they entered the store at 8731 N.W. 174th St. in Fanning Springs. They approached the front counter and held the tire iron up in a threatening manner, demanding money from the cash register.

The clerk told police he originally considered grabbing a bat from behind the counter, but felt threatened and complied.

The two men ran from the store and through a neighborhood, through the Suwannee Apartments, through Fanning Park, threw the tire iron into the river and continued back to the home of one of the men. They burned the clothes they were wearing. An anonymous tip led officials to the pair.

 •Willie James Walton, 30, Chiefland, arrested on Sept. 30 on a warrant for sale of controlled substance with 1000 feet of a church, and trafficking in a controlled substance. Bond $30,000. He was part of a series of controlled buys by law enforcement officials. He was arrested on several counts as a result of the drug stings.