Levy County Library System joins cooperative with Putnam and Alachua

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The Levy County Public Library System (LCPLS) is pleased to announce the formation of a library cooperative among Putnam County, Levy County and the Alachua Public Library District. The new cooperative is named the PAL Public Library Cooperative.

The Levy County Board of County Commissioners on Sept. 7 approved the Interlocal agreement establishing the PAL Cooperative, which also has been approved by Putnam County and the Alachua Public Library District.

The PAL Cooperative will be funded solely by the State Aid to Libraries program, not by its member organizations. All three member library systems will retain their autonomy and will continue to operate independently, as they have in the past.

The PAL Cooperative will be run by an administrator to be selected, and will be governed by a six-person Governing Board, which will oversee all operations. The Board of County Commissioners has selected David Kendall of Williston and Virginia Meisenheimer of Bronson to serve as the interim Governing Board members for Levy County.

The PAL Cooperative cannot provide funding directly to member libraries, and it therefore will not reduce or offset county funding for the LCPLS. However, the PAL Cooperative will make purchases of books and other materials on behalf of and may provide other services to member libraries. The PAL Cooperative will not receive its first funding until January 1, 2011, and for this reason Levy County residents will not begin to see benefits from cooperative membership until then.

 Lisa K. Brasher, Director of the LCPLS, said that, “I am extremely pleased that the Board of County Commissioners approved the PAL Cooperative. PAL’s funding and extra purchasing power will augment Levy County’s budget for library operations. I expect PAL to make a huge difference over time in the services our library system can deliver to residents, and I think this will be a big step up for your public library.”