Letters to the Editor-Nov. 24

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With a grateful heart
To the editor:
    The Williston Relay For Life Committee would like to thank you for your amazing support over the years.
 We are truly thankful for every survivor, caregiver, volunteer, team, sponsor, and advocate in our great community!  Without you, there is no Relay and without Relay where would we be in cancer research, community educational programs, advocacy and patient services…Cancer has affected us all in one way or another and your support of the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life is very appreciated.    
Remember, there is no finish line until we find a cure. We invite you to join us in the Fight Against Cancer.
The 2012 Relay For Life of Williston will be held May 5-6 at Williston High School Football Field    
To join Relay For Life or for more info call Jana Carlisle Tucker at 352.538.2073 or visit www.relayforlife.org/willistonfl
Jana Carlisle Tucker

Luck vs. hard work
To the editor:
It is ironic how the oldest profession known to man and the second oldest one oddly and often resemble one another and perhaps that’s how our City Fathers slipped organized gambling into our community seemingly without  anyone batting an eye.
Game operators opened up their wallets and our city council opened wide its legs.
Here in Williston we started out with “charity bingo” and signage in the place touts the miscellaneous charities that are contributed to and yet the organization’s books are closed and the only  thing raised for me is an arousing curiosity that the biggest benefactors are the game operators themselves with a pittance shaved off for a few vague “causes.”
Most recently we’ve upped the ante by opening a couple of “cafes” that rather than serving food, dish up games of chance for those hungry to part with their money.  Risqué café…indeed!
Oddly enough from the looks of the bingo hall crowd and the café crowd, the demographics are similar, elderly, disabled and a heavy dose of the disadvantaged tossed in  for good measure.
While the games must go on with a wink and a nod our  community hospital is ever awash in red ink, our only high school is a  testament to crumbling structures and weed harboring vegetation and our public safety vehicles are antiquated and long past their prime.
I wonder what  new games of chance will pop up next as we teach our youth that luck is more exotic than hard work and determination.
 That get yours by whatever means necessary is more the norm than the rewards of a solid education and the discipline of saving for a rainy day.
Kenneth Craner

Treated well at hospital
To the editor:
I recently used the ER department at Tri County Hospital.
I would like to thank Dr. Martin, all the nurses, the paramedic, aides, etc.
I received fast and efficient prognosis and care.
This is my neighborhood and I really feel that our neighborhood needs this hospital.
I would recommend that if you need an ER that your consider Tri County first. Chances are you will save a lot of time and gas.
M.A. Romig