Letters to the editor-July 19

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Signage is important

To the editor:
The campaign for the Levy County judgeship is one of the most important local elections we have. Everyone can vote in this one, no matter what his or her party affiliation, and in the case of the election in the primary in August, the judgeship will be decided then.
Every person in Levy County faces the possibility of having an acquaintance, friend or family member who will come before the court. We need a judge who is fair and respectful of those who come before it.
Someone is so desperate for the incumbent to win that he (or she) is stealing the signs of the challenger. Name recognition is a must for any challenger, so having her signs stolen is a major blow to her campaign.
Although the challenger is known throughout the county—by many for whom she was written basic wills for free—she has a broad area to cover. Signage is important.
I, myself, saw that yard signs I put up at intersections were removed. Other signs at the same locations, including one for the incumbent, were left in place. This has happened in multiple locations, primarily in Williston. Two weeks ago one of her big signs was stolen.
I am hopeful that voters will not do something for which I have been guilty on occasion in the past. You get to the judge race on the ballot and think, I don’t know any of these people so I’ll just vote for the incumbent. I haven’t heard anything bad about him.
Both candidates have websites. Please get to know the candidates. Your newspaper is also a good place to go for information.
Cyndee Munkittrick has been a property owner in Levy County for 40 years. Her children went to Levy County public schools. She is not one of the good ol’ boys, but she understands Levy Countians and the problems they face.
Drollene P. Brown

NRA endorses Evan Sullivan

To the editor:
Levy County native, and sheriff’s office major, Evan Sullivan has recently received the joint endorsement of the National Rifle Association and the Unified Sportsmen of Florida.
“Your position on matters relating to the individual right to keep and bear arms is extremely important to law-abiding firearms owners in your county.  These fundamental rights are guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and by Article I, Section 8 of the Florida Constitution and are protected by statutory law.  These rights are the foundation of freedom and are pivotal to many voters,” explained Marion Hammer, NRA Past President and Executive Director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida.
 “The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund and Unified Sportsmen of Florida are pleased to inform you that both organizations have endorsed you for election to the Constitutional Office of Sheriff of Levy County.  We appreciate your support of the Second Amendment, self-defense, and anti-crime issues,” said Hammer.  “It is your support of these important issues that has earned you our endorsement.”
Sullivan stated, “As a proud NRA member, firearms instructor, and lifelong sportsmen, I’m honored to be endorsed by the National Rifle Association.  As Sheriff I will defend law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.”
Sullivan’s involvement in law enforcement extends over two decades. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, and he has served in nearly every position in law enforcement including Patrol, Investigations, SWAT Commander, Traffic Unit, K-9 Unit Commander, Honor Guard Commander, Drug Task Force Commander, Public Information Officer, Street Crimes Unit, Fugitive Unit Commander, District Commander and Professional Standards. Evan currently serves as a major with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office as the Director of Law Enforcement.
Marion Hammer
NRA Past President

AARP says thanks

To the editor:
On behalf of Williston Area AAR Chapter 912 I would like to say “thank you” to all of the candidates who attended our political forum in Williston Saturday.
It was such a pleasure to be reminded that all campaigning doesn’t have to be negative.
I am proud that our candidates are passionate, considerate and respectful in presenting themselves and their aspirations.
Personally, I feel that I will be a more informed voter when I enter the voter booth Aug. 14, I strongly believe that other attendees feel the same.
Again, one and all, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to attend our event.
Adelia Vachon
Event Chairman