Letters to the editor

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Government runs amok

 To the editor:

Another step has been taken to re-educate our children to believe that “everything in life is a freebie” in a grant received for the current school year. The School Board of Levy County has implemented a new option available to schools participating in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program called Community Eligibility Option (CEO) for the 2013-1014 school year. ALL children, regardless of economic need, are enrolled in this program and will received free breakfast and lunch every school day in the guise of teaching them nutritional awareness.

Out current “free food program” has been abused, misused and worked for ear by both the schools and the recipients. Yes, there are some children who come to school with no breakfast provided at home and no money for lunch, but let us ask ourselves, “Is this a real need or a choice by a parents who know that someone will pick up their responsibility?”

I challenge each reader to visit a public school lunch room and watch the amount of food that is discarded daily by the students. It is both amazing and horrifying to watch nutritionally balanced meals that are not consumed but just thrown untouched into the garbage.

Currently, we are also asked as concerned citizens to “Stuff the Bus” with school supplies for children who cannot or whose family will not provide their school supplies for the year. 

We are asked to provide supplemental food (Food 4 Kids Backpack Program) for children who are “food deprived” over the weekend (the criteria for eligibility to this program is very vague). 

A summer program eligible for all children up to the age of 18  provides free lunches during the week for children (they just have to come to the school to participate). 

Free phones, supplemental utility bills, low cost housing, etc. are just a few examples of our runaway giveaway society. Without realize it, we are slowly becoming a national of gradual entitlements, which become demands and ultimately promote a decrease in individual production. After all, why work when someone else is picking up the bill?

We, as a country of “helping hands” have and continue to reinforce to our youth and future leaders that eventually everything will be provided to them not because it is needed, but just because they want it or feel they deserve it.

Are we to let our impressionable children believe that their government (provided by our combined tax dollars) will become their total provide from birth to grave?

Just to let you know, I am a Christian, I truly believe that we should reach out to those in need, but not when those in need are not helping themselves. God would, and should, expect us to take out the boat oars and row to shore when we find ourselves in a sinking ship.

Finally, I present these questions to all who have read this: How will these children manage next year when the grant is not available? Do you think they will go hungry or will the cost of their meals be covered by some new program through your taxes?

Sylvia Owens



Biker  Concerns


To the editor:

 “Watch out for Motorcycles” is a bumper sticker I see frequently.  So, I’ve been watching them!  Yesterday, while coming across SR 40, two were behind me, both with passengers.  The first passed me while I was doing two miles over the speed limit and zoomed off into the distance.  Soon we all had to stop for the light at SR 19 where both roads are two-lane.  As I started across, the other one PASSED ME ON THE RIGHT and, had I not HEARD him and slowed down, I probably would have hit him when he swerved back into my lane and I might have killed two people.

 Traveling SR 121 at night, I’m frequently blinded by motorcycle triple high beam headlights, which they never dim and are at my windshield height.  18 wheelers don’t blind me like these do.  How do these lights make the cyclist safer? 

 I’ve also seen many bicyclists doing dangerous things like “jay-crossing” major streets, not wearing reflective clothing at night, inadequate or no bike lights, and, once, riding more than two abreast which put most of them outside the bike lane near the interstate at rush hour.

 If you’re on a scooter and can’t do the speed limit, for your own safety you don’t belong in the truck lane on the interstate, like one I recently passed and then he was almost hit by the truck behind me. 

 One thing I’ve never seen is a motorcycle pulled over by police.  Are they not subject to the same laws as other vehicles?  And more important, how can a motorist prove she/he was NOT at fault when the cyclist causes an accident?

Mignon  Craig