Letters to the Editor

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Thank you, Williston

To the editor:
T is for THANKFUL.  The American Cancer Society and our community are extremely thankful for your commitment to the fight against cancer.  THANK YOU.
H is for HARD WORK.  I know it takes a lot of hard work from everyone involved with Relay!  Whether it is being a team captain, raising money as a team member, or being a volunteer for the Relay For Life Committee – we all deserve a pat on the back for our HARD WORK.
A is for ACCOMPLISHMENTS.  The Relay For Life of Williston has done an amazing job over the years.  This year alone we raised more than $71,000 in team money, sponsorships and general donations!  Our special guests who joined us for the event this year, including Ralph Devito, ACS Florida Division CEO, mentioned that our event was exactly how Relay events should be.  Lots of community involvement, a wide range of teams and tons of support!  Congrats, for going above and beyond!
N is for NEVER-ENDING COMMITMENT to the cause.  Relay is in its 11th year here.  We are continually amazed at the number of people in Williston who come out year after year to support each other.   It truly is about a community that takes up the fight – and you are all testament to that!
K is for KINDNESS.  It is through the kindness of the people and businesses in Williston that makes Relay such a success.  We all care about cancer.  We all care about each other.  It is our kindness that makes this Relay what it is!
Y is for YOUTH.  Isn’t it awesome to see the youth in this community come together for this event?  From the elementary school to the high school – students are involved!  As fundraisers, as team captains, as committee volunteers.  I couldn’t be more proud to stand beside each one of these young men and women.  Cheers to the youth of Williston!
O is for OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP.  Williston can be proud of the leadership of this event over the years.  Past volunteers have set a great foundation for the event to continue to grow. Everyone involved is a leader in the fight against cancer.
U is for UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT for the cause.  Cancer has impacted so many lives in this community.  We help provide unconditional support to each other, to the Relay, and to improving awareness of our friends and neighbors.
So, THANK YOU on behalf of all of our friends at the American Cancer Society and our wonderful community!
Jana Carlisle Tucker
2012 Relay For Life Event Chair

Playwright needs help

I am an author, spoken word entertainer, poet, columnist and playwright. Having my first play performed on the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, S.C. 2010-2012. It was a great success.
 I am writing to gain help from my community and I am in need of help to make this endeavor a success as well. Here is a list of what I need:
      four church choirs
     four musical bands
     actors/actresses ( seven men, seven women, six teenagers (three and three) (must be singers/vocalists)
     10-12 children as extras
     stagehands and prop builders
     volunteers to pass out flyers, serve food, and to operate booths at the event
 I am also in need of a church or churches to practice and to also perform the play "Bruised But Not Broken;" to benefit this event. This play is a dramatic comedy that focuses on family values and combats domestic violence issues.
 Throughout the community I will be hosting yard sales, cooking dinners and speaking for different organizations to raise money to benefit this event. I will be selling family reunion tee shirts to commemorate this event (family names and photos) as well.
 Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated for the success of this venture.
 The Ryan Simmons Hardaway Foundation will present its first scholarship assistance grant to a local recipient enrolled into college. Potential candidates must submit an essay/letter explaining why they should receive the scholarship, field of study, report card and college attending or he/she is accepted in.
 Expected dates: Sept. 1-2 from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m at the Cornelius Williams Park in Williston off  Highway 27.
 Featured Professional entertainers include
 Cuban and his troop (Jacksonville)
Spoken X (Tampa )
Sharon L. Washington (Williston)
Featured Musical Entertainer
 DJ Poof  
Special Speaker:
     Norm Fugate/ Linda Fugate
For more information please do not hesitate to call, to donate, register and signup for the event.
Donations can be referred to Capital City Bank of Williston (Agent Sharon).
 Contact Sharon l. Washington (352) 528-5142 or smileypublication@yahoo.com