Letters to the Editor

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Pastor asks for prayer

To the editor:
Lord of ALL peoples,
I ask your blessing and Council of the Spirit for our elected and appointed local officials and local government employees. My Spirit aches as I hear of and read the communications, official and otherwise, by and among our leaders.
My fear is that passion has turned to poison, concern to contempt, and calls for justice to unjust personal attacks.
I ask that you renew their spirit of service to produce words and actions that are pleasing in your sight. Remind them, loving God, of their responsibility to breed Unity among our community, instead of the polarizing environment which breeds distain and disinterest.
Inspire this community to surround our leaders with prayer and support, while holding them accountable to reflect and support our interest with honor, professionalism, and a servant heart.
In your precious name I pray, AMEN.
Will Clark
Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Williston