Letters to the Editor

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Seriously, Guys

To the editor:
Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, IF you are going to stop to see if  there are antlers on the fresh hit deer on the side of the road, you might  also check with the person sitting in the car with flashers going near the fresh hit, to see if they need help.
Three vehicles stopped to see the deer  I hit Tuesday morning on 241, but not one of those men, and yes they were men  because I watch them get out of their  trucks, bothered to check to see if I  needed help.
  Two of the trucks drove past the deer and my car, turned  around, and drove back to see the deer.
Guys, it’s kind of a given, fresh hit deer, vehicle right there with flashers on, someone might need help.   
Luckily I was not injured but what if I was, how long would I have sat there  before someone stopped to check?   Next time think, you might just save some one’s life.
Tina Priz

Wake up, America

To the editor:
What is the president afraid of? Obama is going to give a major speech to the people how he is proposing to solve the jobs problem. But he is waiting to make his proposals known to us sometime in September after Congress returns to Washington.
What is he afraid of, is letting us know now what he is proposing so that we have time to digest his solutions. This would give us time let our senators and representatives hear what we think before they return to Washington.
If his proposals are so great, what is Obama afraid of?
Wake up, America. Obama is preparing a clever trap for the Republicans. He does not have any practical solutions to the jobs problem. His solution is the Blame Games.
His plan will include a trillion dollars in spending to “create” jobs. It will also include 3-4 trillion dollars in tax cuts, spending cuts, eliminating loop holes, etc.
Sounds great, doesn’t it?
However, the spending will happen in the first year and the tax cuts etc. will begin in the fifth or sixth year. (These cuts will never happen.)
When the House of Representatives vote this plan down, Obama will blame the Republicans and the Tea Party for killing his “creative” jobs plan.
Now that is a “creative” plan.
James M. Raimondo

To the editor:
This summer, WE SOAR, Inc. sponsored:
A Summer Arts Enrichment program which provided vocal technique lessons, youth gospel mass choir participation, liturgical dance, and motivational sessions for the youth (Youth With Purpose); the 10th Annual Gospel Music Festival which featured participants and recording artists from the local/statewide regions; and the 17th Annual Back-to-School Jamboree which provided 240 or more bags of school supplies to students and teachers.
In the midst of the current economic conditions, small organizations that rely on fundraising efforts and donations are also struggling to keep their services and programs going.  On behalf of WE SOAR, Inc., we want to extend our sincere thanks to the community, individuals, businesses, and organizations that opened their hearts with support and donations to help us reach our goal this summer:
Allen Chapel AME Church  *  Destiny Church of God by Faith  *  Fountain of Life Church *  Gainesville Family Worship Center *  Jones Temple Church of God in Christ  * Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church  * New Hope Baptist Church * Nolan Baptist Church  * Rock Hill Baptist Church *  St. Joseph Baptist Church  * Unity Temple of Deliverance  Intl  *  Unity Family Community Center  *  Word of Faith Deliverance Church  
A & M Varieties  *  B & M Unique Styling * Carnegie Funeral Home  * City Hall employees  * Creative Water Concepts * Danny McElroy Construction  * FL Credit Union  * Harbor & Associates Insurance  * Horizon Realty of Alachua  * KBH Designs * * Kitchens Tile  * Levy County School Board  *  Principal Hiers and staff of Williston Elementary School  *  Principal Asbell and Staff of the Williston Middle School  *  Levy Insurance  * Love Insurance * LRF Business Solutions * North Central FL Gospel Announcers Guild * Patrick Woodard Automotive Repair  * Qualified Plumbing Services * Salon 23 * Salon 352 Salon & Supplies *  Skip Long Tile * Slack Timber *  Southern Style Plastering & Stucco * Tile Contractors Supply 
Mrs. Mary O’Banyoun-Abdullah  *  Ms. Gloria Williams  * Mrs. Shirley Gardner  * Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Law * Ms. Lucille Williams  * Mr. & Mrs. Leondrae  James Jr.  * Ms. Lura Cohen * Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wells * Ms. Kelly Jacoby * Mrs. Natercia Principe * Mrs.  Judy Harris * Ms. Linda Isaacs * Ms. Jamie Harris  * Ms. Helene Proulx * Mr.  Jonathan Lewis * Ms. Duella Brewton
SUMMER PROGRAM:  Ms. Cheryl Morrison, Deputy Donna Roe (internet safety presentation) * Mr.  Josh Dease  (art workshop )  * Ms. Edith Brown  (youth presentation)  *  Dr. Kevin Sharpe  & Ms. Joy Banks  (vocal coaches)  * Ms. Elois Waters   (dance instructor)  * Choir Directors, Music Staff for the Gospel Fest Choirs, and all participants on the Festival program.    BACK TO SCHOOL JAMBOREE:  Verdell Jefferson, Sheila Brice, Na’Tia Marria and Na’Triel Pullings (assistance with school supply bags); Brian Boatwright, Reginald Williams Jr., Erica Mason, Sharon Grimes (speakers); Carmon Forbus at Walgreens and Juanita Stewart at Wal-mart  (shopping assistance); 
Advertising & Promotions:  Editors and staff at the Williston Pioneer – Chiefland Citizen – Levy Journal – and the Gainesville Guardian;   Williston Chamber of Commerce/Mr. Jeff Hardison;
Committee:  Faye Appling – Fannie Bernard – Gussie Boatwright - Marilyn Brown – Elouise Carnegie – Lura Cohen – Wendy Coleman – Maggie Davis – Shirley Gardner – Ezzard & Lorri Harris – Bertha Henderson – Dana Henson – Shelia Jackson – Alvin Sr. & Mimi Johnson – Alvin Jr. & Katie Johnson – Anthony Johnson – Soundry Law – Cordeila McNeil – Barbara Miller – Sandra K. Moore – Cheryl Morrison - Carol Oats – Christine Peterson – Hattie Rowe – Avis Seabrooks – Vivian Simpson – Cliff Taylor - Kenneth & Phyllis Stephens – Gloria Williams – Rose Williams – Janice Young
Mimi Johnson