Letters to the Editor–March 8

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Time to change school mascot?

To the editor:
I do a lot of signs for the community and it always bothers me to put the Red Devil name or logo on the signs I produce.
 Not being a very religious person, it still makes me ask why we continue to use the devil as a mascot. Isn’t there some other name we could use like some kind of animal or something that would be better suited to use to promote the efforts of our children?  
Headlines like Red Devils do this or that to me just gives the wrong image. I don’t know the process to change this and I hope someone has an answer. I’ve spoken with coaches and supporting parents at different events and most agree, we need a change. If some one has a answer to this problem, please e-mail at signmansteve@gmail.com. I’d like to hear from you.
Steve Dibble

Car show a great success

To the editor:
   The City of Williston’s First Annual Fly-In & Car Show was a great success.  Considering the fact that we were bracing 38 mph wind gusts, we had 88 cars registered in the show.  Thank you to those car enthusiasts and all the spectators that came out to the show. 
Unfortunately the wind gusts deterred aircraft from flying in to the show.  But thanks to the work of numerous volunteers and sponsors we were able to raise $1,700 for the Levy Association of Retarded Citizens.
A special thanks to The Blue Knights, Steve Dibble - Signman Signs, Sun State Sanitation,  The Williston Airport, The Williston Fire Department and the Williston Pioneer for their support.
We look forward to a bigger and better event in 2013.
Dennis Strow