Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Isn’t it a shame that we live in a community that tolerates double standards?

A select number are trained to uphold the law. We elect a leader of that group of dedicated men and women to serve and protect our lives and property.

We are expected to give these individuals courtesy and respect and in return we are to anticipate a safe environment for our family and our children.

Sadly that trust has been violated, not only by certain members of this force, but by it’s leader who seemingly refuses to hold certain personnel accountable for their shameful behavior.

How does one respect this leader when those under him willfully disregard their oath and perpetrate acts that would have ordinary citizens arrested and put on trial for cruelty and cover-ups?

I can only hope that in the future people of Levy County can find a leader that will carefully choose subordinates and those who dedicate their service to our county in a dignified and professional manner.

W J Andrews


To the editor:

As a citizen of Levy County, I think it is a shame that our county deputies are let off for behavior that others would be punished for.

Why aren’t they subject to the same punishment as ordinary citizens are for the same actions.

I also think it is wrong for our sheriff to take the actions of these individuals too lightly.

I think those who are supposed to protect us should be held to higher standards and punishment when they violate the law.

Phyllis Andrews


To the editor:

I take this time to ask the people of Levy County what have we elected as sheriff of Levy County?

To allow his officers (officer) to taser his dog is animal cruelty any way you look at it–be an officer or person on the street.

Of course, Sheriff Smith wouldn’t see it this way because he allegedly allows inmates to be put in cells without running water and sewer in the toilets.

He doesn’t know a whole lot about God’s children or His creations.

And I ask the question about the behavior of a civil servant. This office is supposed to be a role model. Thanks, but I hope not for my children, maybe Sheriff Smith’s kids.

Well, I’m sure if Sheriff Smith and Mike Johnson look deep enough in the budget they can find some money to et their officer some help.

After all, I’m sure it’s due to job stress.

I just hope the people of Levy County get NAACP, PETA or governor or anybody else involved in this as well as the conditions of the county jail because there is some wrong doings going on there as well.

People of Levy County, don’t put up with this. Speak up. Tell your governor about things happening in our county under Sheriff Smith’s command.

Mike Decon