Letter to the Editor

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Don’t touch the service dog

 To the editor:

Do not pet or touch service dogs–with or without “Do Not Pet” on their service vest.

Service dogs are not pets. They are out at work doing a job for the person they are with. These owners could have physical, medical or mental disabilities. 

When a service dog has its work collar, vest or harness on, like a police dog, it’s all work. And they are only paying attention to their job and owner. They are not to be touched by strangers, even when they are just walking, sitting or laying by their owners. What the service dog does for their owner and why the owner needs this dog is between the owner, doctor and service dog.

Service animals must be permitted to accompany the individual to all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. Individuals with a service animal may not be segregated–U.S. Department of Justice ADA-800-514-0301.

May not be segregated because it can’t be petted or if the facility has a new rug on their floor. Or kept out as long as the animal sits or lays quietly by the owner.

Sandy M. McClung