Letter to the Editor

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Pick up litter and teach others to do the same

 To the editor:

I have lived in Levy County most of 34 years. I have never seen our roads look like they do now: litter everywhere.

On our state roads I have watched state mowers make small pieces of trash out of larger items. Furniture is discarded and left for someone else to pick up.

But on our county roads we can do something. Pick up in front of your home. Put bags in cars to empty when get home. Educate children. Seniors, you are needed. It will take everyone to clean our county roads.

Let our elected officials know how proud we are of our home and maybe they will pay attention.

When driving and you see a clean up crew, slow down to pass. 

Let’s all work together and keep our roads clean and safe.

Happy cleaning!

Norma Eager