Letter to the editor

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Event organizers should bear all costs

 To the editor:

 In  reference to the article on the cost of events  in Levy County on the Hip Hop event  and any other event that people want to hold.  We have experienced firsthand how these events can disrupt the county and can get out of control and costly from our recent experience with the Crab Festival.

 If you want a party, great, organize and plan and don’t burden the county with the costs. Will they pay the $20 or $25 per person for an entry fee? No probably not, so then why should we taxpayers pay from our budget,  if we don’t go to the concert.

 First, our budgets are already burdened and there are many more important agendas in the county that could be addressed with the amount of money these evens cost the taxpayers.

I, for one, would prefer my tax dollars do to more important things than parties, concerts and festivals.

If people want to hold these events, then it should be at a county designated controlled area, not our public roads and entry fees charged to cover the cost of law enforcement, county road department and other agencies that need to be involved for these events.

Just  getting a $600 permit will not cover the costs incurred by the county. Who  will pay the $7,176 bill that already has been spent on the cancellation of this event and the many thousands it will cost if this event is allowed to happen? 

 Our law enforcement agencies should be paid by event organizers not taxpayer  dollars. It’s not fair to the Levy citizens to pay for events of this nature and I for one shouldn’t have to watch my hard earned money be spent on these events. I’m sure that many citizens would agrees.

If we have $10,000 extra in the budget, why aren’t we helping our veterans, seniors, hungry children, our animal shelters, county improvements?

It would be helpful if we could be kept informed, via the Williston Pioneer, of when this group will have the meeting at the county commissioners’ office so taxpaying citizens can come and express their opinions on this also. We should have the voice to say no if these groups can’t cover the expenses.

I hope the commissions let these organizers know they must cover all costs. End of story. 

Diane Marchand