Letter to the the editor

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By The Staff

To the editor:

As electronics improve (shrink) new technologies abound and one of the most recent is something called a credit card skimmer.

A skimmer is a small, electronic credit card reader similar to the ones at ATM’s and gas pumps. In fact they are formed with the express purpose of fitting over legitimate card readers to accumulate credit card numbers in their memory.

This makes it possible for the criminal to collect the skimmer, full of card and PIN numbers and use them as they wish. It seems that the Gainesville area has experienced the illegal installation of one or more skimmers at their gas pumps in recent weeks. Please inspect your credit card reading equipment for tampering every day. If you encounter any unusual installation, please call police. If you have any unfamiliar “technicians” tell them they are swapping out parts on their equipment, please have police come and take their identification.

If the technician decides to leave, we would like the tag number and description of the car, person and any others in attendance.

Thanks very much.

Capt. Clay Connolly

Williston Police